ISI is a leading performer in basic and applied research and development across a broad range of advanced information technologies. Our expertise enables us to bridge multiple technology disciplines and devise groundbreaking research approaches to solving complex, real-world problems.

Through collaborations with sponsors and partners in research exploration, ISI continues its almost 50-year tradition of delivering high-impact solutions, shaping and delivering technologies used in academic, government and industry applications.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is transforming how humans interact with technology. The impact of AI is ever-present, from smart assistants to applications in health management and beyond. At ISI, we are focused on AI in natural language, machine translation, information integration, education, robotics and other disciplines.

Main Research Areas

Natural Language - Knowledge Technologies - Information Integration - Deep Learning - Forecasting - Human-Machine Collaboration

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Computational Systems & Technology

The ability to process vast amounts of information and problem-solve using mathematical representation sets the trajectory for how quickly scientific discovery is made. CS&T is focused on software and hardware supercomputing approaches, systems-on-a-chip, high-performance computing and scalable systems that aid complex decision-making. Other initiatives include adiabatic quantum computing.

Main Research Areas

Computational Sciences - Quantum Computing -
Adaptive Parallel Execution

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Informatics Systems Research

Large volumes of stored information, known as Big Data, are critical to maintain and preserve. Research in this area builds the technological tools required to rapidly share and correlate data to advance the fields of medicine, delivery systems and more. ISI’s Informatics Systems Research specializes in highly collaborative, user driven research, working in areas such as data management abstractions, computer security, user interfaces, human factors and domain specific algorithms.

Main Research Areas

Grid Computing - Information Security - Service-oriented Architectures - Medical Informatics

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Networking & Cybersecurity

Networking is the backbone of our ever-evolving, interconnected world and cybersecurity is its guardian. The prevalence and interdependence of both informs our research. We are focused on understanding the underlying internet, human behavior through social simulation, the theory and practice of distributed computing, and approaches to analyzing vulnerabilities and engineered attacks through scientific methods using modeling, experimentation and evaluation.

Main Research Areas

Network Measurement - Binary Program Analysis - Theory and Practice of Distributed Computing - Cybersecurity Infrastructure and Experimentation Methodology -
Modeling Human Behavior and Social Engineering

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