Institute Achievement Awards


Over the years, many people at ISI have made contributions to the Institute that have had a major impact on our reputation, research productivity, or administrative efficiency. They deserve to be recognized, celebrated, and rewarded for such contributions.

To that end, we established The Institute Achievement Award, a unique recognition for ISI members who surpass the high bar of our expectations with contributions that exert a sustained impact and advance ISI’s reputation.


Wael AbdAlmageed

For founding and directing the Visual Intelligence and Multimedia Analytics Laboratory and research on deep fake detection.


Karen Rawlins

For her unceasing work ethic, willingness to serve above and beyond, leadership by example, and her role in making ISI a great place to work.

Eloisa Romo

For her commitment and many hours of work that made it possible for ISI to use Workday, minimizing the many system shortcomings in order to support our research mission.


Matt Binkley

For his passionate work on process improvement, information sharing, and creating a positive and efficient work environment at ISI.

Ryan Goodfellow

For his leadership in formulating the architectural vision, implementing and testing the software, and designing, standing up and operating working testbeds

Rajiv Mayani

For his outstanding work on the data analysis and management tools and the complete redesign of the website for the NIMH Repository and Genomic Reserach Center.


Wael AbdAlmageed

For outstanding academic achievements and research leadership that established his group as a leader in bioinformatics, face recognition, and visual misinformation detection and characterization.

John Damoulakis

For outstanding work in developing and executing a strategic plan to bring MOSIS back to the center stage of the semiconductor industry.

James Whalen

For outstanding work in developing and executing a strategic plan to bring MOSIS back to the center stage of the semiconductor industry.


Greg Ver Steeg

For developing scalable machine-learning methods that are both theoretically grounded and useful to practitioners in a variety of domains, such as cancer biology, neuroimaging and social sciences.


Pedro Szekely

For tackling challenging research problems at scale with an unflinching commitment to success.


Ewa Deelman

For technical contributions and leadership in the field of scientific workflow systems for high-performance computing.

John Heidemann

For pioneering work in mapping and understanding the Internet.


Terry Benzel

For advancing ISI's reputation by creating and leading a vibrant, sustained, and influential program of research in experimental cybersecurity methodology and infrastructure.

Kevin Knight

For proposing and managing a complete reorganization of [the AI Division’s] hiring procedures.