The following demonstrations have been posted by ISI researchers, who frequently create new types and versions. If you don't see something you're interested in, please contact the individual or research group for more information.


Abstract Meaning Representation (AMR)

The AMR Bank is a set of English sentences paired with simple, readable semantic representations. We aim for it to spur new research in natural language understanding, generation and translation. Using Ulf Hermjakob's powerful AMR Editor, an annotator can translate a sentence into its meaning in about 10 minutes.
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SpolinBot is a chatbot that models improvisational dialogue ("improv") between two actors; specifically, it attempts to provide "yes, and" responses to whatever you type. It is built by fine-tuning a DialoGPT model with SPOLIN, a corpus of "yes, and" dialogue pairs. The model chooses among several options in a way that maximizes the amount of mutual information they contain, but also presents other options so you can choose an alternative from the dropdown menu if you don't like the top choice.
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