Researcher in Residence

ISI's Researcher in Residence (RiR) program offers a unique opportunity for truly exceptional researchers in information sciences and related fields. RiR awardees are fully funded for one year, during which they’re free to pursue intense, focused work without the usual distractions of writing proposals, teaching or carrying other administrative responsibilities. At the same time, RiRs have the benefit of working with like-minded individuals in ISI’s wide-ranging, world-class research community.

The RiR program seeks to foster researchers’ contributions and careers while advancing the reputations of ISI and the USC Viterbi School of Engineering as world-leading institutions. Awardees are expected to contribute fresh ideas to ISI’s ongoing dialogue, helping drive a cycle of new directions and approaches.

Each RiR receives a one-year appointment to pursue a research agenda of their choice while engaging colleagues within ISI and the larger USC community. Candidates must demonstrate outstanding intellectual ability, originality and resourcefulness in their work.

ISI hosts up to two RiRs each year at its locations in Marina Del Rey, California and/or Arlington, Virginia.

Qualifications and Application

While the program is open to researchers at any career stage, we’re particularly interested in individuals who are:

  • two to four years beyond their PhDs who wish to pursue a strong, independent agenda, and
  • senior researchers with visionary perspectives and insights into the direction of their fields.

To apply, please forward a cover letter expressing your interest, together with a CV and a detailed statement of your intended research endeavor (including a research plan and a brief consideration of potential outcomes and impacts of the research) to [email protected].

Applications will be considered at any time; there is no fixed schedule. Questions about the RiR program may be directed to the above address as well.