ISI welcomes students as graduate research assistants or summer interns who serve as visiting research assistants. As a student, you’ll have the opportunity to work on a wide range of research topics, pursue team-based collaboration and gain valuable exposure to ideas, processes and professional contacts. You may find the experience helpful in selecting a master’s thesis or Ph.D. research topic or in securing future research roles. The result is a far richer experience than coursework alone can provide.

About 40 senior ISI researchers also are research faculty in the USC Viterbi School, and some can support graduate research assistants working on specific projects. Depending on the professor and the project, you may be able to join in basic research, applied research and development of actual prototypes, or work at any point along that spectrum. ISI typically employs about 60 students, across a broad range of research specialties, in Marina del Rey, California throughout the year. Our Arlington, Virginia location also hosts about 15 graduate students, primarily during the summer.

Multiple Options, Bi-coastal Opportunities

ISI isn’t a degree-granting institution, so students who work with us in Los Angeles generally are enrolled in USC Viterbi master’s degree or Ph.D. programs. We’re also open to students from other universities and, on some multi-disciplinary projects, to students in biology or other complementary fields.

Students may join ISI as:

  • Graduate research assistants on paid stipends in Marina del Rey. Research assistants deepen their subject-matter knowledge and gain professional experience alongside ISI’s research faculty. Students must be doctoral candidates, and may conduct Ph.D. research in the context of a larger project. Assistantships may be available during the summer and academic year.
  • Summer interns or visiting research assistants in Marina del Rey or Arlington on specific, paid projects. ISI welcomes enthusiastic, highly qualified graduate students and talented undergraduates with computer science, engineering and other backgrounds. Interns work directly with senior ISI researchers and their teams on groundbreaking research in convivial, stimulating environs. Summer positions are available in a wide range of research areas.
  • Other status - Graduate students funded from other sources, such as fellowships, can choose to work at ISI. Undergraduates may join us through the Merit Research Program, Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) or other research awards, but must make arrangements directly with USC Viterbi. To learn more, please contact the research division that interests you.