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Symposium on the Future of Computing Research -

Computing research today is increasingly shaped by forces and trends that separate it from the simpler circumstances of the field’s founding era. Intellectual and technical maturing of the discipline, the ever-increasing centrality of computing to modern society, and changing expectations about career paths, collaborations, research impact, and work environments all contribute.

Our goal is to examine critical questions that will drive and define the field and profession of computing research in the future, and to contribute meaningfully to the ongoing conversations shaping this rapidly developing evolution.

Symposium on the Future of Computing Research Website


USC AI Futures Symposium on AI with Common Sense - December 7-8, 2021

Humans use common sense knowledge to understand how the world works. AI systems still lack common sense knowledge, which is critical in many domains in order to form expectations, manage unexpected situations, and connect with the human experience. This symposium presents an overview of research at USC on acquiring and organizing commonsense knowledge, integrating it into AI systems, and measuring its impact on improving AI system behaviors and interactions with people.

This event is part of the USC AI Futures Symposium Series. Prior events were held in May 2021 with the theme: AI and Data Science, and in January 2021 with the theme: Will AIs Ever Be One of Us?

Please visit the event website for list of speakers and other information. The web site has a preliminary agenda and a link to register. The event is free and open for everyone to attend.

USC AI Futures Symposium on AI with Common Sense

ACM CCS 2021 CheckMATE Workshop

The CheckMATE workshop will be collocated with the ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS) 2021 on November 19, 2021. MATE –– Man-At-The-End –– is an attack model where an adversary has access to the target software and/or hardware environment of its victim. The focus of this workshop is on new models and techniques to defend against software tampering, reverse engineering and piracy, to also include attack strategies that highlight the need for more comprehensive defenses.

ACM CCS 2021 CheckMATE Workshop Website


Testbed Facility Security Workshop at 2021 NSF Cybersecurity Summit

The Testbed Facility Security Workshop will be held virtually on Monday, October 18 from 10 AM-2 PM Pacific / 1-5 PM Eastern. The workshop – part of the 2021 NSF Cybersecurity Summit – will explore the unique cybersecurity challenges of testbed facilities, stemming from their mission to enable experimental use, including configuration of facility resources for novel networking and security experiments, which may span multiple facilities.

To attend the workshop, please register for the Summit. There is no registration fee. It is open to all. Attendees should ideally have an interest or experience with experimental cloud-based testbeds. You can access the workshop schedule here.

The workshop is co-organized by: ChameleonColosseumDETERLabFabricPAWR, and Trusted CI

2021 NSF Summit Workshop: Testbed Facility Security

Pegasus Users Group Meeting 2021

PUG 2021 aimed to give an opportunity to Pegasus users and collaborators to interact with Pegasus developers and share ideas and provide feedback. The users group meeting was a mix of user experience talks along with technical Pegasus talks, tutorials, and office hours.
Pegasus Users Group Meeting 2021 Website

USC AI Futures Symposium

Interacting with AI systems is now commonplace, whether conversing about a dinner reservation, directing them to drive a car, or requesting music. The USC AI Futures Symposium Series brings together renowned researchers and thought leaders in the field, exploring the impact of AI on the world through an interdisciplinary lens.
USC AI Futures Symposium Website


ISI Research Day 2020

January 2020 marked the inaugural ISI Research Day, an event for celebrating the cutting-edge research and innovation that takes place at ISI. Scientists from all research groups at ISI presented their research through interactive talks, poster sessions, and a panel featuring leading scientists from various fields.
ISI Research Day 2020 Website