ISI Hybrid and Remote Work Policy

ISI is committed to a highly flexible, team-led model for hybrid and remote work.

In a team-led model, individual team leaders decide, in consultation with their team members, what work arrangements are best for their teams as a whole, and for individual team members in particular. Thus, some teams have members who all come to the office on certain days, some teams are fully remote, and some teams have a combination of hybrid and fully-remote members. These arrangements can and do evolve depending on what works best for each team and each team member.

In practice, approximately a third of ISIers work fully remotely, which means they come in rarely for important events every several months and may live far from campus. About a quarter come in once a week, a fifth twice a week, and another fifth three times or more. We organize social events to facilitate in-person connections and collaboration when they come to the office. Since the large majority of our institute’s work gets done remotely, we provide extensive support for home offices in the form of technology and ergonomic furniture, to help ISIers be as productive and comfortable as possible. Our internal surveys show that ISIers are very happy with our approach to hybrid and remote work, which facilitates retention, recruitment, morale, engagement, well-being, and productivity.

Our team-led policy and our home office support have been recognized in prominent media venues. To learn more about our approach to hybrid and remote work, contact us.