Executive Leadership

Craig Knoblock, Ph.D.

Keston Executive Director

Prior to serving as ISI's Michael Keston Executive Director, Knoblock was the director of ISI’s Artificial Intelligence division, one of the United States’ largest and most respected artificial intelligence (AI) laboratories, which spans the full range of AI expertise. In this appointment, Knoblock led a team of 31 highly regarded researchers working on leading-edge projects.

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Terry Benzel

Associate Director

Director, Networking and Cybersecurity Division

Terry Benzel serves as an Associate Director of ISI and Director of the Networking Cybersecurity Research Division. Her main area of research is experimental cybersecurity. She leads research teams in creating advanced open infrastructure, methods, and widely available tools for cybersecurity experimentation.

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Stephen Crago, Ph.D.

Associate Director

Director, Computational Systems and Technology Division

Stephen Crago, ISI's associate director, is responsible for managing projects and relationships with a select set of sponsors. He is also the director of ISI’s Computational Systems and Technology division, which seeks to solve complex science, engineering and defense problems through novel supercomputing and other approaches.

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James Whalen

Associate Director

Chief Financial Officer

James Whalen, ISI Associate Director, and Chief Financial Officer leads the Administrative Services division at ISI, an organization committed to providing world class support to the Institute's research community. Achieving this objective is the result of attracting, developing and retaining an excellent team of committed, skilled and knowledgeable individuals in the areas of pre- and post-award.

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David Balenson

Senior Supervising Computer Scientist, Interim Director, Networking and Cybersecurity Division

David Balenson is interim director of ISI’s Networking and Cybersecurity Division which conducts research spanning cybersecurity, networking, and social systems. He is also community outreach director for the NSF-funded SPHERE project.

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Elizabeth Boschee

Senior Supervising Computer Scientist

Research Team Leader

Director of ISI's Boston (MA) Office

Associate Director of the Artificial Intelligence Division

Elizabeth Boschee is the director of ISI’s Boston office, the associate director of ISI's AI division, and a research team leader focusing on information extraction and language understanding technology.    

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Lifu Chang, Ph.D., School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University

Director, The MOSIS Service

Lifu Chang envisions The MOSIS Service as the semiconductor manufacturing and yield enablement provider for advanced chip designs.

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Yolanda Gil, Ph.D.

Viterbi Director for Major Strategic AI and Data Science Initiatives

Dr Yolanda Gil is Principal Scientist and Senior Director for Strategic Initiatives in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, and Research Professor in Computer Science and in Spatial Sciences.

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Carl Kesselman, Ph.D.

Director, Informatics Systems Research Division

Carl Kesselman leads ISI's Informatics Systems Research division. Created to help transform the discovery processes, practice and delivery of healthcare worldwide.

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Derek Mikuriya, MBA

Director, Human Resources

In his role Director of Human Resources for ISI, Derek will implement HR strategies focusing on talent attraction, talent development and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).

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Adam Russell, Ph.D.

Director of Artificial Intelligence Division

Dr. Adam Russell leads ISI’s Artificial Intelligence division. His focus includes looking at human behavior in an era of machines, with an expertise in collective intelligence and cross-disciplinary thinking.

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John Wroclawski

Senior Director for Strategic Initiatives

As ISI’s senior director for strategic initiatives, John works with leaders and researchers across the institute to create a diverse research portfolio and develop new, boundary-spanning initiatives.

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