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James Blythe

Senior Research Computer Scientist, Lead Scientist


I currently work on human agent modeling and experiment design and management in Deter. Current projects include HATS on usable security, joint with Jean Camp at Indiana University, SHUCS (Science of Human-Usable Computer Security) joint with Sean Smith and Dartmouth College and Ross Koppel at U Penn, a new NSF-funded effort on modeling different stakeholders in security, and Deter.

Before this I worked on agent-based traffic generation for the National Cyber Range with Mike Zyda and others, and on usable security with Jean Camp and others at U Indiana. For details on the NCR work, see our IAAIand other papers, or check out this article in The Economist. For details on the usability work, see the paper at IUI 11.

My research interests include agents, knowledge acquisition, planning, applying knowledge-based techniques to improve usability of networked systems and social networks. Previous projects include the Tailor project,Paws, Pegasus, Cognitive grids and Constable.

Here are most of my publications, many of which are also linked to the relevant project pages.

My PhD is from Carnegie Mellon University, on planning under uncertainty.