A weekly meeting of the Natural Language Group. Seminars usually take place on Thursdays from 11:00am until 12:00pm.

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For scheduling a talk scheduling, contact the current organizer Meryem M'hamdi, and Jon May by emailing to nlg-seminar-host(at)isi.edu.

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Click on the titles to view the abstracts/time/location/online meeting link:

Date Speaker Title
20 Oct 2022 Sewon Min Understanding and Improving Learning through Inference with Large Language Models
27 Oct 2022 Eric Wallace TBD
3 Nov 2022 Jonas Pfeiffer TBD
12 Jan 2023 Arjun Subramonian Knowledge Grounding in Human-centric AI for effective, explainable, and equitable outcomes

Click on the titles to view the abstracts/time/location/online meeting link:

Date Speaker Title
18 Aug 2022 Jaqueline He, Taiwei Shi, Jonne Sälevä Interns' Presentations: (1) On Exploiting Context Usage in Document-Level Neural Machine Translation (2) Improving Moderation of Online Discussions via Nonviolent Communication (3) Heritage-aware language model adaptation for diasporic languages
11 Aug 2022 Mitch Mithun (USC ISI) Quantum Natural Language Processing
04 Aug 2022 Taiwei Shi (Intern @ ISI); Georgia Institute of Technology Improving Moderation of Online Discussions via Nonviolent Communication
04 Aug 2022 Jonne Sälevä (Intern @ ISI; Brandeis University) Linguistic heritage-aware language model adaptation for diasporic languages
28 Jul 2022 Jacqueline He (Intern @ ISI; Princeton University) On Exploiting Context Usage in Document-Level Neural Machine Translation
30 June 2022 Katy Felkner (USC ISI) Anti-Queer Bias in Large Language Models
23 June 2022 Kyle Gorman (Graduate Center, City University of New York and Google Inc.) Weighted Finite-State Transducers: The Later Years
13 June 2022 Naomi Saphra (NYU) Sources of Variance in Pretraining and Fine Tuning LLMs
05 May 2022 Lara J. Martin (University of Pennsylvania) Dungeons and Discourse: Using Computational Storytelling to Look at Natural Language Use
20 Jan 2022 Faeze Brahman (UCSC) Modeling Key Narrative Elements for Automatic Story Generation
13 Jan 2022 Kenneth Heafield (University of Edinburgh) Translating faster than a keystroke and dumpster diving for training data
02 Dec 2021 Manling Li (UIUC) Event Extraction and Reasoning in Multimedia News Data
18 Nov 2021 Svitlana Volkova (Pacific Northwest National Lab) How AI-Driven Augmented Intelligence Transforms Cognitive Security and Nonproliferation
14 Oct 2021 Vitaly Feldman (Apple AI Research) Chasing the Long Tail: What Neural Networks Memorize and Why
7 Oct 2021 Pei Zhou (USC/ISI) Robust and Implicit Commonsense Inference for Smooth Communication
26 Aug 2021 Shanxiu He (ISI Intern) From Constrained Event Sequences Generation to Text Generation
19 Aug 2021 Shira Wein (ISI Intern)
Leo Zeyu Liu (ISI Intern)
Leveraging Abstract Meaning Representations to Amplify the Semantic Information Captured in Transformer Models /
Improving Multilingual Encoders with Contrastive Objective and Luna
12 Aug 2021 Sabrina J. Mielke (JHU) Fair Comparisons and Fundamental Ideas for Open-Vocabulary Generative Language and Translation Models
29 Jul 2021 Nishant Subramani (AI2) Fantastic Continuous-valued Sentence Representations and How to Find Them
28 Jul 2021 Manuel Ciosici (ISI) Should PTLMs go to school?
22 Jul 2021 Kevin Yang (Berkeley) Predictor-Guided Controlled Generation
1 Jul 2021 Kalpesh Krishna (UMass Amherst) Advances in Text Generation and the Perils of its Automatic Evaluation
17 Jun 2021 Xiang Lisa Li (Stanford) Prefix-Tuning: Optimizing Continuous Prompts for Generation
6 May 2021 Zhou Yu (Columbia University) Interactively Teaching Machines with Natural Languages
15 Apr 2021 R. Thomas McCoy (JHU) Universal Linguistic Inductive Biases via Meta-Learning
18 Mar 2021 Daniel Khashabi (AI2) Leave No Question Behind!: Broadening the Scope of Machine Comprehension
4 Mar 2021 Jason Weston (FAIR, NYU) LIGHT: Training agents that can act and speak with other models and humans in a rich text adventure game world
25 Feb 2021 Robin Jia (FAIR --> USC CS) Insights from Re-evaluating NLP Systems
4 Feb 2021 Jesse Thomason (Amazon Alexa AI --> USC CS) From Human Language to Agent Action
28 Jan 2021 Sandeep Soni (Georgia Tech) Computational Models of Language Change from Diachronic Text
21 Jan 2021 Christopher Chu (DiDi) Historical Applications of NLP
14 Jan 2021 Yezhou Yang (ASU) Visual Recognition beyond Appearances, and its Robotic Applications
10 Dec 2020 Thomas Wolf (HuggingFace) An Introduction to Transfer Learning in NLP and HuggingFace
3 Dec 2020 Elena Voita (University of Edinburgh, University of Amsterdam) Information-Theoretic Probing with Minimum Description Length
12 Nov 2020 John Hewitt (Stanford) The Unreasonable Syntactic Expressivity of RNNs
15 Oct 2020 Wei Xu (Georgia Tech) Natural Language Understanding for Noisy Text
27 Aug 2020 Ugur Yavuz (ISI intern) Translation of Asylum Testimonials from Low-Resource Languages
20 Aug 2020 Weiqiu You (ISI intern) Qualitative Analysis of Unsupervised Neural Machine Translation
13 Aug 2020 Naitian Zhou and Omar Shaikh (ISI interns) Improving Dialogue Agents with a Social Dimension /
Understanding Monolingual Pre-Training for Bilingual Models
30 Jul 2020 Emily M. Bender (UW) A Typology of Ethical Risks in Language Technology with an Eye Towards Where Transparent Documentation Can Help
16 Jul 2020 Mohit Iyyer (UMass Amherst) Towards interactive story generation
21 May 2020 Liang Huang (Oregon State University/Baidu) Fighting COVID-19 using Linear-Time Algorithms from Computational Linguistics
27 Feb 2020 Ellie Pavlick (Brown University) What do (and should) language models know about language?
05 Feb 2020 Gabriel Kahn (USC Annenberg) Why journalism is broken and how data can help fix it
30 Jan 2020 Sarah Wiegreffe (Georgia Tech) BlackBox NLP: What are we looking for, and where do we stand?
16 Jan 2020 Samee Ibraheem (UC Berkeley) Leveraging Context for Natural Language Processing
12 Dec 2019 Soravit (Beer) Changpinyo (Google AI) Tightly Connecting Vision and Language
21 Nov 2019 Hoifung Poon (MSR/UW) Machine Reading for Precision Medicine
24 Oct 2019 Wenjuan Han (ShanghaiTech University/UCLA) Neural Unsupervised Dependency Parsing
17 Oct 2019 Peng Qi (Stanford) Answering Complex Questions in the Wild
03 Oct 2019 Alex Spangher (USC/ISI) NLP in Computational Journalism: notes from the field at the New York Times
26 Sep 2019 Nicola De Cao (University of Amsterdam) Question Answering by Reasoning Across Documents with Graph Convolutional Networks
19 Sep 2019 Seraphina Goldfarb-Tarrant (USC/ISI) Practical Workshop on AllenNLP
05 Sep 2019 Denis Emelin (University of Edinburgh) and Prince Wang More than the sum of their parts: Translating idioms without destroying their meaning
15 Aug 2019 Xusen Yin (USC/ISI) Comprehensible context-driven text game playing
08 Aug 2019 Ekaterina Shutova (University of Amsterdam) Modelling the interplay of metaphor and emotion, and a peek at the underlying cognitive mechanisms
11 Jul 2019 Sandy LaTourrette (Northwestern University) Learning from language: Intersections of infant and machine learning
21 Jun 2019 Malihe Alikhani (Rutgers University) Multimodal Communication: A Discourse Approach
30 May 2019 Manuel Rafael Ciosici (Aarhus University) Quantifying the morphosyntactic content of Brown Clusters
16 May 2019 Martha Palmer (University of Colorado Boulder ) The Blocks World Redux
15 May 2019 Dan Roth (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Co-op with USC/ISI AI Seminar

Natural Language Understanding with Incidental Supervision
18 Apr 2019 Kenton Murray (University of Notre Dame) Learning Neural Network Hyperparameters for Machine Translation
07 Mar 2019 Rebecca Hwa (University of Pittsburgh) Separating the Sheep from the Goats: On Recognizing the Literal and Figurative Usages of Idioms
09 Nov 2018 Waleed Ammar (AI2) Taming the scientific literature: progress and challenges
01 Nov 2018 Robin Jia (Stanford) Exposing Brittleness in Reading Comprehension Systems
25 Oct 2018 Scott Yih (AI2) Conversational Question Answering
12 Oct 2018 Ndapa Nakashole (UC San Diego) Mapping Functions for Multilingual Word Embeddings
04 Oct 2018 Siva Reddy (Stanford University) CoQA: A Conversational Question Answering Challenge
14 Sep 2018 Daniel Fried (UC Berkeley) Pragmatic Models for Generating and Following Grounded Instructions
07 Sep 2018 Vivek Srikumar (The University of Utah) Natural Language Processing in the Wild: Opportunities & Challenges
24 Aug 2018 Mozhdeh Gheini, Xinyu Wang (ISI intern) T1. Constraints for Transfer Learning for Neural Machine Translation T2. Say Yes-and: Building a Specialized Corpus for Digital Improvised Comedy
17 Aug 2018 Ronald Cardenas (ISI intern) Decipherment for Universal Language Tools: a case study for Unsupervised Part of Speech Induction
10 Aug 2018 James Mullenbach (ISI intern) Reasoning about objects, their components, and their descriptors
27 Jul 2018 Matt Gardner (AI2) A Tale of Two Question Answering Systems
20 Jul 2018 Wei-Lun (Harry) Chao (USC --> OSU) Visual Question Answering: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
22 Jun 2018 Rui Yan (Peking University) Recent Advances and Challenges on Human-Computer Conversational Systems
11 May 2018 Yulia Tsvetkov (CMU) Towards Flexible but Controllable Language Generation
04 May 2018 Marjan Ghazvininejad (ISI) Neural Creative Language Generation (PhD Defense Practice Talk)
27 Apr 2018 Jay Pujara (ISI) Extracting and Aligning Quantitative Data with Text
20 Apr 2018 Mark Yatskar (AI2) Language as a Scaffold for Visual Recognition
13 Apr 2018 Yuanhang Su (USC) Finding memory in time
30 Mar 2018 Mohit Iyyer (AI2, UMass Amherst) Generating Adversarial Examples with Syntactically Controlled Paraphrase Networks
23 Feb 2018 Miriam Posner, Dave Shepard, and Andrew Wallace (UCLA) Digital Humanities: Lots of Text-Based Corpora, Lots of Questions
12 Feb 2018 Nima Pourdamghani(USC/ISI) Non-traditional resources and improved tools for low-resource machine translation
09 Feb 2018 Hongning Wang (University of Virginia) Contextual Bandits in a Collaborative Environment
08 Feb 2018 Manuel Ciosici(Aarhus University, Denmark) Abbreviation Disambiguation and NLP Deployment in Industrial Settings
19 Jan 2018 Ashish Vaswani, Jakob Uszkoreit, and Niki Parmar (Google Brain) Attention Is All You Need
08 Dec 2017 Nasrin Mostafazadeh (BenevolentAI lab) [Canceled] Language Comprehension & Language Generation in Eventful Contexts
20 Nov 2017 Margaret Mitchell (Google) Algorithmic Bias in Artificial Intelligence: The Seen and Unseen Factors Influencing Machine Perception of Images and Language
17 Nov 2017 Jonathan Gordon (USC/ISI) Learning and Reading
10 Nov 2017 Anssi Yli-Jyrä On Real-Time Graph Transducers
03 Nov 2017 Kai-Wei Chang (UCLA) Structured Predictions: Practical Advancements and Applications in Natural Language Processing
13 Oct 2017 Yangfeng Ji (University of Washington) Context is Everything: From language modeling to language generation
08 Sep 2017 Leon Cheung, Nelson Liu (ISI Intern) 1)Improving Low Resource Neural Machine Translation 2)Language-Independent Translation of Out-of-Vocabulary Words
31 Aug 2017 Yining Chen, Sasha Mayn (ISI Intern) THURSDAY TALK: 1)Recurrent Neural Networks as Weighted Language Recognizers 2)Gloss-to-English: Improving Low Resource Language Translation Using Alignment Tables
18 Aug 2017 Marjan Ghazvininejad (USC/ISI) Neural Creative Language Generation
11 Aug 2017 Nima Pourdamghani (USC/ISI) Improving machine translation from low resource languages
21 Jul 2017 Xing Shi (USC/ISI) Neural Sequence Models: Interpretation and Augmentation
14 Jul 2017 Sorcha Gilroy (University of Edinburgh) Parsing Graphs with Regular Graph Grammars
07 Jul 2017 Amir Hossein Yazdavar (Wright state University) Semi-Supervised Approach to Monitoring Clinical Depressive Symptoms in Social Media
16 Jun 2017 Mayank Kejriwal (ISI) From Noisy Information Extraction to Rich Information Retrieval in Unusual Domains
09 Jun 2017 Benjamin Girault (USC) Introduction to Graph Signal Processing: Tools for Harmonic Analysis on Irregular Structures.
26 May 2017 Yannis Konstas (UW) Building Adaptable and Scalable Natural Language Generation Systems
05 May 2017 Sayan Ghosh (USC/ICT) Representation Learning for Human Affect Recognition (PhD Proposal Practice Talk)
28 Apr 2017 Andreas Stuhlmüller (Stanford) Modeling Dialog using Probabilistic Programs
21 Apr 2017 Kallirroi Georgila (USC/ICT) Reinforcement learning of negotiation dialogue policies
14 Apr 2017 Kevin Knight (USC/ISI) Why is it harder to build a tic-tac-toe playing robot than a tic-tac-toe playing program?
07 Apr 2017 Reihane Boghrati (USC) ConversAtion level Syntax SImilarity Metric (CASSIM)
31 Mar 2017 Danqi Chen (Stanford) Towards the Machine Comprehension of Text
27 Mar 2017 Stephen Kobourov (Arizona) Analyzing the Language of Food on Social Media
24 Mar 2017 Sameer Singh (UCI) Intuitive Interactions with Black-box Machine Learning
17 Mar 2017 Kuan Liu (USC/ISI) Heterogeneous Attribute Embedding and Sequence Modeling for Recommendation with Implicit Feedback
10 Mar 2017 He He (Stanford) Learning agents that interact with humans
07 Mar 2017 Alessandro Achille (UCLA) Information Dropout: Learning Optimal Representations Through Noisy Computation
03 Mar 2017 Lili Mou (Peking University) Coupling distributed and symbolic execution for natural language queries
23 Feb 2017 Nanyun Peng (Johns Hopkins) Representation Learning with Joint Models for Information Extraction
10 Feb 2017 Yonatan Bisk (USC/ISI) The Limits of Unsupervised Syntax and the Importance of Grounding in Language Acquisition
03 Feb 2017 Melissa Roemmele (UCS/ICT) Recurrent Neural Networks for Narrative Prediction
20 Jan 2017 Jonathan May (USC/ISI) How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Evaluations (and Keep Worrying)
10 Jan 2017 David Chiang (Notre Dame) Speech-to-Translation Alignment for Documentation of Endangered Languages
06 Jan 2017 Kenton Murray (Notre Dame) Learning Neural Network Structures for Natural Language
09 Dec 2016 Radu Soricut (Google) Multimodal Machine Comprehension: Tasks and Approaches
02 Dec 2016 Yejin Choi (UW) Procedural Language and Knowledge
18 Nov 2016 Ramesh R Manuvinakurike (USC/ICT) Incremental spoken dialogue system for reference resolution in images
28 Oct 2016 Yu Su (UCSB) Learning from Zero: Recent Advances in Bootstrapping Semantic Parsers using Crowdsourcing
21 Oct 2016 Marjan Ghazvininejad and Yonatan Bisk (USC/ISI) EMNLP practice talk: 1) Generating Topical Poetry & 2) Unsupervised Neural Hidden Markov Models
14 Oct 2016 Xing Shi (USC) EMNLP practice talk: Understanding Neural Machine Translation: length control and syntactic structure
26 Sep 2016 Andrea Gagliano (UC Berkeley) Poetry at the Metaphorical Intersection
19 Sep 2016 Burr Settles (Duolingo) Duolingo: Improving Language Learning and Assessment with Data
16 Sep 2016 Zachary Chase Lipton (UCSD) Efficient Exploration for Dialog Policy Learning with BBQ Networks & Replay Buffer Spiking
09 Sep 2016 Nada Aldarrab (USC) How we Cracked the “Borg” Cipher + First Steps Towards Deciphering from Images
26 Aug 2016 Ke Tran (ISI Intern) Unsupervised learning linguistic structures with deep neural networks
19 Aug 2016 Xiang Li (ISI Intern) Event extraction from AMR representations
03 Aug 2016 Angeliki Lazaridou (University of Trento) Can machines understand and generate stories?
29 Jul 2016 Sebastian Mielke (ISI Intern) Let's not be clever: simple pre- and post-processing tricks in machine translation
22 Jul 2016 Stephen Rawls / Huaigu Cao (ISI) Title: LSTM's for OCR
15 Jul 2016 Xiang Li (ISI Intern) Title: Commonsense Knowledge Base Completion
08 Jul 2016 Aliya Deri (USC/ISI) Title: Grapheme-to-Phoneme Models for (Almost) Any Language
23 Jun 2016 Yue Zhang (Singapore University of Technology and Design) Title: Neural network models for structured prediction
10 Jun 2016 Yoav Goldberg (Bar Ilan University) Title: Doing stuff with LSTMs
03 Jun 2016 Ke Tran (University of Amsterdam) Title: Memorization and Exploration in Recurrent Neural Language Models
20 May 2016 Yonatan Bisk (ISI) Title: Natural Language Communication with Computers
13 May 2016 Angeliki Lazaridou (University of Trento) Towards Multi-Agent Communication-Based Language Learning
06 May 2016 Gully Burns (ISI) Title: The TechKnAcq Project: Building Pedagogically Tuned Reading Lists from Technical Corpora
29 Apr 2016 Zhengping Che (USC) Deep learning solutions to computational phenotyping in health care
15 Apr 2016 Morteza Dehghani (USC) Decoding Neuro-Semantic Representation of Stories across Languages
08 Apr 2016 Hao Wu (USC/ISI) Learning Distributed Representations from Network Data and Human Navigation
01 Apr 2016 Julian McAuley (UCSD) Harnessing reviews to build richer models of opinions
25 Mar 2016 Jonathan Kummerfeld (Berkeley) Capturing More Linguistic Structure with Graph-Structured Parsing
11 Mar 2016 Sahil Garg (USC/ISI) Extracting Biomolecular Interactions Using Semantic Parsing of Biomedical Text
04 Mar 2016 David Jurgens (Stanford) Linguistic Annotation Using Video Games with a Purpose
26 Feb 2016 Angel Chang (Stanford) Interactive scene design using natural language
19 Feb 2016 Ehsan Ebrahimzadeh (UCLA) Chasing vaccination in social media: Narrative discovery from an unstructured corpus of text
12 Feb 2016 Thang Luong (Stanford) Recent Advances in Neural Machine Translation
05 Feb 2016 Linhong Zhu (ISI) Deciphering Dark Web through k-partite Graph Summarization
29 Jan 2016 Reid Swanson (USC/ICT) Leveraging the Social Web to Enable Open-Domain Interactive Storytelling
22 Jan 2016 Jiwei Li (Stanford) Extracting User Information from Online Social Media
15 Jan 2016 Gabor Angeli (Stanford) Learning Open Domain Knowledge From Text
04 Dec 2015 Eli Pincus (USC / ICT) What Can We Learn From An Agent that Plays Word-Guessing Games?
20 Nov 2015 Jia Xu (Chinese Academy of Sciences Better Bootstraps, Better Translation.
13 Nov 2015 Satish Kumar Thittamaranahalli (USC) Notes on the Constraint Composite Graph
06 Nov 2015 Fabrizio Morbini (USC / ICT) Text generation from abductive interpretations
23 Oct 2015 Farshad Kooti (USC / ISI) Fine-grained Temporal Patterns of Online Content Consumption
09 Oct 2015 Liron Cohen (USC) Using Highways for Bounded-Suboptimal Multi-Agent Path Finding
02 Oct 2015 David Kale (USC / ISI) Automated Deep Multi-Phenotyping with Noisy Labels
11 Sep 2015 Guido Zarrella (MITRE) Neuromorphic Language Understanding
04 Sep 2015 Barret Zoph (USC/ISI) How Much Information Does a Human Translator Add to the Original?
28 Aug 2015 Sudha Rao (Maryland / ISI Intern) Distant supervision for relation extraction using AMR
25 Aug 2015 Wenduan Xu (Cambridge / ISI Intern) Using HyTER networks for short-answer scoring
14 Aug 2015 Qing Dou (USC / ISI) Beyond Parallel Data - A Decipherment Approach for Better Quality Machine Translation
07 Aug 2015 Marius Pasca (Google) Understanding the World's Compositional Concepts
24 Jul 2015 Sudha Rao (Maryland / ISI Intern) Dialogue focus tracking for zero pronoun resolution
17 Jul 2015 Wenduan Xu (Cambridge / ISI Intern) Shift-Reduce CCG Parsing with a Dependency Model
10 Jul 2015 Deniz Yuret (Koç University / ISI Visitor) Parsing with word vectors
26 Jun 2015 Vivi Nastase (FBK / ISI Visitor) Metonymy resolution with multi-faceted knowledge from Wikipedia
23 Jun 2015 Sravana Reddy (Dartmouth / ISI Visitor) Automated tools for analyzing sociophonetic variation
12 Jun 2015 Yan Liu (USC/MELADY) Group Anomaly Detection in Social Media Analysis
29 May 2015 Aliya Deri (USC/ISI) How to Make a Frenemy: Multitape FSTs for Portmanteau Generation
22 May 2015 Marjan Ghazvininejad (USC/ISI) How to Memorize a Random 60-Bit String
15 May 2015 Dehua Cheng (USC/Melady) Exploring LDA: Parallel Inference and Model Selection
24 Apr 2015 David Kauchak (Pomona ) Learning To Simplify Text One Sentence at a Time
17 Apr 2015 Longhua Qian (Soochow / ISI) Exploiting Bilingual Corpora for Relation Extraction
10 Apr 2015 Atefeh Farzindar (NLP Technologies) TRANSLI, NLP-based social media analytics and monitoring
03 Apr 2015 Don Metzler (Google) Keeping Topic Models Fresh: Technical and Practical Challenges
20 Mar 2015 Tomer Levinboim (Notre Dame) Multitask Word Alignment with Random-Walk Regularizers
06 Mar 2015 Neda Jahanshad (USC/ISI) Multi-site genetic analysis of the brain’s white matter: ENIGMA-DTI
20 Feb 2015 Jonathan May (USC/ISI) Semantic Parsing as Machine Translation
13 Feb 2015 Dogan Can (USC/SAIL) Efficient Computation of Substring Posteriors from Lattices using Weighted Factor Automata
30 Jan 2015 Derrek Hibar (USC/INI) Neuroimaging Genetics in the ENIGMA Consortium
23 Jan 2015 Devin Griffiths (USC/Dornsife) Understanding Analogies: Theory and Method
16 Jan 2015 Jonathan Gordon (USC/ISI) Towards the Interpretation of Metaphoric Language
05 Dec 2014 Kingson Man (USC/BCI) Multisensory integration in a neural framework for concepts
20 Nov 2014 Robert Munro (Idibon) Technologies for every language: how machine learning can reach everyone in the world
14 Nov 2014 Gully Burns (USC/ISI) Machine Reading of the Biomedical Literature: It's All About Data
07 Nov 2014 Nima Pourdamghani (USC/ISI) Aligning English Strings with Abstract Meaning Representation Graphs
31 Oct 2014 Nikolaos Malandrakis (USC/SAIL) Generating Psycholinguistic Norms
17 Oct 2014 Qing Dou (USC/ISI) Beyond Parallel Data: Joint Word Alignment and Decipherment Improves Machine Translation [EMNLP Practice Talk]
10 Oct 2014 Boris Gutman (USC/ISI) Interplay between Continuous and Discrete Aspects of Brain Image Analysis
03 Oct 2014 Kevin Knight (USC/ISI) Getting Good at Research
26 Sep 2014 Bill MacCartney (Google/Stanford) Semantic Parsing at Google
19 Sep 2014 Markus Dreyer (SDL) An open-source toolkit for the representation, manipulation and optimization of weighted hypergraphs
11 Sep 2014 Eunsol Choi (University of Washington) and Matic Horvat (Cambridge) Towards automatic extraction of experimental data from scientific papers [Intern final talk]
05 Sep 2014 Claire Bonial (University of Colorado, Boulder) Take a look at this! Form, Function and Productivity of English Light Verb Constructions
29 Aug 2014 Allen Schmaltz (Harvard) and Julian Schamper (RWTH Aachen) Toward Semantic Parsing [Intern final talk]
22 Aug 2014 Allen Schmaltz (Harvard) Determinantal Point Processes for Human-Augmented Machine Translation [Intern talk]
08 Aug 2014 Tim Schlippe (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) Rapid Generation of Pronunciation Dictionaries for New Domains and Languages
31 Jul 2014 Ali Borji (USC) Computational Modeling of Bottom-up and Top-down Visual Attention
25 Jul 2014 Daniel Lamprecht (TU Graz) Navigation Dynamics in Networks
18 Jul 2014 Jonathan May (USC/ISI) An Arabizi-English Social Media Statistical Machine Translation System
11 Jul 2014 Yang Feng (USC/ISI) Factored Markov Translation with Robust Modeling
02 Jul 2014 Matic Horvat (Cambridge) A Graph-Based Approach to String Regeneration [Intern talk]
30 Jun 2014 Eunsol Choi (University of Washington) Open Domain Semantic Parser for QA / Information Extraction [Intern talk]
16 Jun 2014 Dirk Hovy (University of Copenhagen) Two ways to deal with annotation bias
11 Jun 2014 Julian Schamper (RWTH Aachen) Solving Homophonic Sustitution Ciphers [Intern talk]
06 Jun 2014 Elnaz Nouri (USC/ICT) Cultural Negotiating Agents
23 May 2014 Xing Shi (USC/ISI) How to Speak a Language Without Knowing It
16 May 2014 Hans Chalupsky (USC/ISI) Story-Level Inference to Improve Machine Reading
14 May 2014 Qing Dou (USC/ISI) Beyond Parallel Data [Qualification practice talk]
09 May 2014 Aram Galstyan (USC/ISI) Deciphering Social Interactions from Text
25 Apr 2014 Hui Zhang (USC/ISI) [ACL2014 practice talk] Kneser-Ney Smoothing on Expected Counts
25 Apr 2014 Linhong Zhu (USC/ISI) Partitioning Networks with Node Attributes by Compressing Information Flow
16 Apr 2014 Derek Abbott (University of Adelaide) The Mystery of the Tamam Shud Code
11 Apr 2014 Farshad Kooti (USC/ISI) Network Weirdness: Exploring the Origins of Network Paradoxes
28 Feb 2014 Kenji Sagae (USC/ICT) Dependency parsing with directed graph output
14 Feb 2014 Hal Daumé III (University of Maryland) Predicting Linguistic Structures Accurately and Efficiently
17 Jan 2014 Mohsen Taheriyan (USC/ISI) A Graph-based Approach to Learn Semantic Descriptions of Data Sources
06 Dec 2013 Shiwali Mohan (University of Michigan) Learning Hierarchical Tasks from Situated Interactive Instruction
15 Nov 2013 Vikram Ramanarayanan (USC) Data-Driven Techniques for Modeling Speech Motor Control
08 Nov 2013 Giuseppe Carenini (University of British Columbia, Canada) Modeling Topics, Opinions and Discourse Structure in Asynchronous Conversations
01 Nov 2013 Greg Ver Steeg (USC/ISI) Coarse-graining Text
25 Oct 2013 Roy Schwartz (NLP Lab, Hebrew University in Jerusalem) Semantic Representation using Flexible Patterns
24 Oct 2013 Kuzman Ganchev (Google Research) Cross lingual transfer and learning with side information
16 Oct 2013 Qing Dou (USC/ISI) Dependency Based Decipherment for Resource-Limited Machine Translation (EMNLP2013 practice talk)
27 Sep 2013 Andrew S. Gordon (USC/ICT) Heider-Simmel Interactive Theater
20 Sep 2013 Yang Feng (USC/ISI) A Markov Model of Machine Translation using Non-parametric Bayesian Inference (ACL 2013)
13 Sep 2013 Kevin Knight (USC/ISI) Some Potential NLP Thesis Topics and Other Fun Research Projects
06 Sep 2013 Jeon-Hyung Kang (USC/ISI) LA-CTR: A Limited Attention Collaborative Topic Regression for Social Media
30 Aug 2013 Tomer Levinboim (USC/ISI) MKL and Low Rank Multiplicative Shaping
23 Aug 2013 Jonathan May (SDL Research) Models of Translation Competitions (long paper at ACL2013)
16 Aug 2013 Gully Burns (USC/ISI) Bridging Between Bioinformatics and Natural Language Processing
26 Jul 2013 Fabienne Braune (University of Stuttgart) Multi bottom-up tree transducers in statistical machine translation
19 Jul 2013 Jacqueline Lee (MIT) Bayesian Approaches to Acoustic Model and Pronunciation Lexicon Discovery
12 Jul 2013 Daniel Bauer (Columbia) Understanding Descriptions of Visual Scenes Using Graph Grammars
10 Jul 2013 Victor Chahuneau (CMU) Translating into Morphologically Rich Languages with Synthetic Phrases
07 Jun 2013 Malte Nuhn (Aachen University, Germany) Is Decipherment Difficult?
05 Jun 2013 Dirk Hovy Learning Whom to Trust with MACE(NAACL Practice Talk)
17 May 2013 Qing Dou Deciphering Gigaword
03 May 2013 Dirk Hovy Learning Semantic Types and Relations from Text (Defense Practice Talk)
12 Apr 2013 Hui Zhang Beyond Left-to-Right: Multiple Decomposition Structures for SMT
05 Apr 2013 Abe Kazemzadeh Sentiment and Sarcasm in the 2012 US Presidential Election
18 Mar 2013 Carlo Strapparava Computational explorations of creative language
08 Mar 2013 Sujith Ravi Scalable Unsupervised Learning for Natural Language Processing
22 Feb 2013 Louis-Philippe Morency Modeling Human Communication Dynamics: From Depression Assessment to Multimodal Sentiment Analysis
08 Feb 2013 Kartik Audhkhasi A Computational Framework for Ensembles of Diverse Experts
01 Feb 2013 Abeer Alwan Dealing with Limited and Noisy Data in Speech Processing: A Hybrid Knowledge-Based and Statistical Approach
25 Jan 2013 Daniel Marcu The Things I Learned While Doing Research in the Commercial World
24 Jan 2013 Shrikanth Narayanan Behavioral Signal Processing: Deriving Human Behavioral Informatics from Multimodal Signals
11 Jan 2013 Abe Kazemzadeh Natural Language Description of Emotion (Ph.D. Thesis Defense Practice Talk)
14 Dec 2012 Ulf Hermjakob Launching Semantics-Based Machine Translation
07 Dec 2012 Shu Cai Smatch: an Evaluation Metric for Semantic Feature Structures
16 Nov 2012 Jerry Hobbs Abduction and Metaphor
09 Nov 2012 Ashish Vaswani and David Chiang Neural Networks for NLP
07 Nov 2012 Ashish Vaswani and David Chiang Neural Networks for NLP
02 Nov 2012 Christian Chiarcos Linguistic Linked Open Data. Linking Corpora
31 Oct 2012 Marcello Federico (FBK Trento, Italy), Marco Trombetti (Translated srl, Rome - Italy) Towards the integration of human and machine translation
29 Oct 2012 Douglas W. Oard, University of Maryland Evaluating E-Discovery Search: The TREC Legal Track
26 Oct 2012 Philipp Koehn Computer Aided Translation
19 Oct 2012 Marc Schulder Metaphor Detection through Term Frequency
12 Oct 2012 Jagadeesh Jagarlamudi Discriminative Interlingual Representations for NLP
10 Oct 2012 Victoria Fossum Sequential vs. hierarchical syntactic models of human sentence processing
05 Oct 2012 Dirk Hovy Learning Whom to Trust with MACE
06 Jul 2012 Stephan Gouws (Stellenbosch University) Projecting features across domains using deep learning
03 Jul 2012 Ashish Vaswani Smaller Alignment Models for Better Translations: Unsupervised Word Alignment with the l0-norm
29 Jun 2012 Bevan Jones Semantic Parsing with Bayesian Tree Transducers
22 Jun 2012 Vita Markman (Disney Interactive) Discovering Latent Similarities in Car Models Based On Customer Reviews: Towards a Consumer-Driven Product Recommendation System
25 May 2012 Liang Huang Structured Perceptron with Inexact Search (NAACL HLT Practice Talk)
18 May 2012 Dirk Hovy Exploiting Partial Annotations with EM Training (NAACL HLT Practice Talk)
18 May 2012 Jason Riesa Automatic Parallel Fragment Extraction From Noisy Data (NAACL HLT Practice Talk)
03 May 2012 Dirk Hovy Using Syntactic Information for Unsupervised Relation Extraction and Typing (Thesis Proposal Practice Talk)
27 Apr 2012 Christian Chiarcos (Uni Potsdam) Towards operationalizable models of discourse phenomena: Addressing discourse relations
16 Mar 2012 Jason Riesa Syntactic Alignment Models for Large-Scale Translation (PhD Defense Practice Talk)
17 Feb 2012 Adam Pauls (UC Berkeley) Large Scale Syntactic Language Modeling with Treelets
10 Feb 2012 Liang Huang Efficient Search and Learning for Language Understanding and Translation
13 Jan 2012 Hercules Dalianis (Stockholm University) Reusing clinical documentation for better health
16 Dec 2011 Chris Dyer (Carnegie Mellon) Generate-and-Test Models for Alignment and Machine Translation
12 Dec 2011 Gael Dias (University of Caen Basse-Normandie, France) Cross Domain Subjectivity Classification using Multi-View Learning
04 Nov 2011 Ariya Rastrow (Johns Hopkins) Going beyond n-grams: Incorporating non-local dependencies for Speech Recognition
07 Oct 2011 Ekaterina Ovchinnikova Integration of World Knowledge for Natural Language Understanding
04 Oct 2011 Steve DeNeefe Tree-adjoining Machine Translation (Ph.D. Defense Practice Talk)
30 Sep 2011 Dirk Hovy Aligning Events and Time Stamps
16 Sep 2011 Cerstin Mahlow (University of Zurich) Linguistically supported editing and revising: concept and prototypical implementation based on interactive NLP resources
09 Sep 2011 Richard Socher (Stanford University) Recursive Deep Learning in Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision
24 Aug 2011 Sravana Reddy Cracking Running-Key Ciphers and Deciphering Speech (Interns Final Talk)
24 Aug 2011 Xuchen Yao Introducing context-dependent features into machine translation (Interns Final Talk)
19 Aug 2011 Stephen Tratz (PhD defense practice talk) Semantically-Enriched Parsing for Natural Language Understanding
17 Aug 2011 Licheng Fang Structured Language Modelling for Machine Translation
05 Aug 2011 Dave Uthus Overcoming Information Overload in Navy Chat
15 Jul 2011 Markus Dreyer (SDL Language Weaver) Discovering Morphological Paradigms from Plain Text Using a Dirichlet Process Mixture Model (EMNLP 2011 practice talk)
15 Jul 2011 Jonathan May (SDL Language Weaver) Tuning as Ranking (EMNLP 2011 practice talk)
07 Jul 2011 Deniz Yuret (Koc University) The Noisy Channel Model for Unsupervised Word Sense Disambiguation
28 Jun 2011 Suzy Howlett (Macquarie University) Confidence in Syntax for Statistical Machine Translation
17 Jun 2011 Xuchen Yao Nonparametric Bayesian Word Sense Induction (ACL practice talk)
17 Jun 2011 Sravana Reddy Unsupervised Discovery of Rhyme Schemes (ACL practice talk)
10 Jun 2011 Cartic Ramakrishnan The Role of Information Extraction in the Design of a Document Triage Application for Biocuration
27 May 2011 Shu Cai Language-Independent Parsing with Empty Elements
06 May 2011 Abe Kazemzadeh (USC) Natural Language Descriptions of Emotions
29 Apr 2011 Marie-Catherine de Marneffe (Stanford University) Computational models of utterance meaning
22 Apr 2011 Dirk Hovy Models and Training for Unsupervised Preposition Sense Disambiguation
15 Apr 2011 Thomas Schoenemann Computing Viterbi Alignments via Integer Linear Programming
18 Mar 2011 Sujith Ravi (PhD defense practice talk) Deciphering Natural Language
11 Mar 2011 Cosmin Adrian Bejan (ICT) Nonparametric Bayesian Models for Clustering Feature-Rich Linguistic Objects
04 Mar 2011 Steve DeNeefe (practice job talk) Tree Adjoining Machine Translation
03 Mar 2011 Christopher Thomas (Wright State University) What Goes Around Comes Around -- Improving the State of Knowledge on the Web through On-Demand Model Creation
17 Feb 2011 Alan Ritter (University of Washington) Status Messages: A Unique Textual Source of Realtime and Social Information
14 Feb 2011 Hagen Fuerstenau (University of Saarland) Learning Structured Semantics under Weak Supervision
11 Feb 2011 Hui Zhang Joint Word Alignment and Synchronous Grammar Induction
04 Feb 2011 Stephan Gouws (Stellenbosch University) Measuring Conceptual Similarity by Spreading Activation over Wikipedia's Hyperlink Graph
28 Jan 2011 Markus Dreyer (SDL Language Weaver, formerly @ Johns Hopkins) A Non-Parametric Model for the Discovery of Inflectional Paradigms from Plain Text using Graphical Models over Strings
14 Jan 2011 Donald Metzler Relevance and Ranking in Online Dating Systems
15 Nov 2010 Jason Riesa Structured Models for Bilingual Alignment (Ph.D. Proposal practice talk)
12 Nov 2010 Stephen Tratz Semantically-enriched Parsing for Natural Language Understanding (Ph.D. Proposal practice talk)
07 Oct 2010 Anselmo Penas Toward a Reading Machine
05 Oct 2010 Eduard Hovy Toward a Computational Theory of Semantic Content
01 Oct 2010 Liang Huang and Haitao Mi Efficient Incremental Decoding for Tree-to-String Translation (EMNLP 2010 Practice Talk)
01 Oct 2010 Erica Greene Automatic Analysis of Rhythmic Poetry with Applications to Generation and Translation (EMNLP 2010 Practice Talk)
27 Aug 2010 Sasha Rush Intern Final Talk: Large-scale, High-dimensional, Discriminative Machine Translation
27 Aug 2010 Yoav Goldberg Intern Final Talk: Small is beautiful. Is it any good?
25 Aug 2010 Sravana Reddy Intern Final Talk: Towards deciphering the Voynich manuscript
25 Aug 2010 Anni Irvine Intern Final Talk: Making Discriminative Alignment Smarter
06 Aug 2010 Sasha Rush (MIT) Dual Decomposition for Natural Language Inference
30 Jul 2010 William Yang Wang (Columbia) Automatic Vandalism Detection in Wikipedia (COLING 2010 Practice Talk)
26 Jul 2010 Hoifung Poon (University of Washington) Statistical Relational Learning for Knowledge Extraction from the Web
23 Jul 2010 Yoav Goldberg (Ben Gurion), Sravana Reddy (Chicago), and Kevin Knight Three Mini-Talks on Creative Language
07 Jul 2010 Kenji Sagae Dynamic Programming for Linear-time Incremental Parsing (ACL 2010 Practice Talk)
02 Jul 2010 Zornitsa Kozareva Learning Arguments and Supertypes of Semantic Relations using Recursive Patterns (ACL 2010 Practice Talk)
02 Jul 2010 Ashish Vaswani An MDL-Inspired Objective Function for Unsupervised Training of Generative Models (ACL 2010 Practice Talk)
30 Jun 2010 Jonathan May Efficient Inference Through Cascades of Weighted Tree Transducers (ACL 2010 Practice Talk)
30 Jun 2010 Jason Riesa Hierarchical Search for Word Alignment (ACL 2010 Practice Talk)
11 Jun 2010 Yoav Goldberg (Ben Gurion University of the Negev) Easy First Dependency Parsing and How Different Parsers Behave Differently
10 Jun 2010 Mark Johnson (Macquarie University) "Bayesian models of language acquisition" or "Where do the rules come from?" (continued from 7 Jun 2010)
09 Jun 2010 Steven Bird (University of Melbourne) The Human Language Project: Building a Universal Corpus of the World's Languages
08 Jun 2010 Reut Tsarfaty (Uppsala University) Morphology in Parsing: A Taxonomy-Based Approach
07 Jun 2010 Mark Johnson (Macquarie University) "Bayesian models of language acquisition" or "Where do the rules come from?"
21 May 2010 Zornitsa Kozareva Not All Seeds Are Equal: Measuring the Quality of Text Mining Seeds
19 May 2010 Jinho D. Choi (University of Colorado) K-best, Transition-based Dependency Parsing using Robust Risk Minimization and Automatic Feature Reduction
30 Apr 2010 Walter Daelemans (University of Antwerp) Robust features for Computational Stylometry
16 Apr 2010 Rutu Mulkar-Mehta Understanding Granularity in Natural Language Discourse (Ph.D. Proposal practice talk)
14 Apr 2010 Jonathan May Weighted Tree Automata and Transducers for Syntactic Natural Language Processing (Ph.D. Defense practice talk)
05 Apr 2010 Satoshi Sekine (NYU) On-Demand Information Extraction and Knowledge Discovery
02 Apr 2010 Eduard Hovy Annotation
31 Mar 2010 Haitao Mi (ICT China) Lattice and Forest for SMT
30 Mar 2010 Victoria Fossum Integrating Parsing and Word Alignment in Syntax-Based Machine Translation (Ph.D. Defense practice talk)
26 Mar 2010 Elsi Kaiser (USC) Discourse coherence effects in language processing: A psycholinguistic approach
05 Mar 2010 Liang Huang Incremental Parsing
05 Feb 2010 David Farwell (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya) Knowledge Acquisition and Textual Entailment: a proposed research program
22 Jan 2010 David Chiang Towards Tree-to-Tree Translation
15 Jan 2010 Min-Yen Kan (National University of Singapore) ForeCite: towards a more integrated scholarly digital library
11 Dec 2009 Anselmo Penas (UNED, Spain) Evaluating Question Answering Validation
09 Dec 2009 Tomohide Shibata (Kyoto University) Introduction of Our Research (text analysis and IR)
04 Dec 2009 Donald Metzler (Yahoo! Research) Learning Query Concept Importance Using a Weighted Dependence Model
20 Nov 2009 Marco Pennacchiotti (Yahoo! Research) Entity Extraction via Ensemble Semantics
23 Oct 2009 Steve DeNeefe Tree Adjoining Machine Translation (thesis proposal practice talk)
21 Oct 2009 Douglas W. Oard (Maryland) Who 'Dat? Identity resolution in large email collections
09 Oct 2009 Nandakishore Kambhatla (IBM India) Extracting Social Networks and Biographical Facts from Conversational Speech Transcripts
11 Sep 2009 David Chiang Tutorial on HPC
28 Aug 2009 Adam Pauls (UC Berkeley)
Michael Auli (Edinburgh)
Intern Final Talks
27 Aug 2009 Erica Greene (Haverford)
Paramveer Dhillon (Penn)
Intern Final Talks
26 Aug 2009 Sujith Ravi Natural Language Decipherment: Solving Problems in Natural Language Processing without Labeled Data (Thesis Proposal practice talk)
21 Aug 2009 Liang Huang Bilingually-Constrained (Monolingual) Shift-Reduce Parsing
24 Jul 2009 Adam Pauls (UC Berkeley)
Ulf Hermjakob
Practice talks for EMNLP
23 Jul 2009 Mark Hopkins (Language Weaver) Cube Pruning as Heuristic Search (Practice talk for EMNLP)
17 Jul 2009 Paramveer Dhillon (Penn) Transfer Learning for WSD & Non-local constraints for Named Entity Recognition
16 Jul 2009 Yang Liu (ICT China) Weighted Alignment Matrices for Statistical Machine Translation
15 Jul 2009 Yang Liu (ICT China) An Overview of Tree-to-String Translation Models
10 Jul 2009 Kevin Knight Excerpts from ACL-09 Tutorial on "Topics in Machine Translation"
26 Jun 2009 Steve DeNeefe Synchronous Tree Adjoining Machine Translation (Practice talk for EMNLP)
19 Jun 2009 Adam Pauls (UC Berkeley) Hierarchical Search for Parsing (and Machine Translation)
29 May 2009 Marta Recasens Potau (Universitat de Barcelona) Learning-based Coreference Resolution for Spanish and Catalan
22 May 2009 Victoria Fossum
Dirk Hovy
Practice talks for NAACL HLT
15 May 2009 David Chiang Practice talks for NAACL HLT
14 May 2009 Sujith Ravi Practice talks for NAACL HLT
08 May 2009 Andrew Kehler (UCSD) Coherence and the (Psycho-) Linguistics of Pronoun Interpretation
17 Apr 2009 Rahul Bhagat Learning Paraphrases from Text (Ph.D. Defense practice talk)
27 Mar 2009 David Chiang Tutorial on Hadoop
19 Mar 2009 Rutu Mulkar Discovering Causal and Temporal Relations in Biomedical Texts (practice talk for AAAI Spring Symposium)
06 Mar 2009 Andreas Maletti Minimizing Deterministic Weighted Tree Automata
27 Feb 2009 Carlos Busso (USC) Multimodal Processing of Human Behavior in Intelligent Instrumented Spaces: A Focus on Expressive Human Communication
13 Feb 2009 Joseph Tepperman (Signal Analysis and Interpretation Laboratory, USC) Estimating Subjective Judgments of Speech on Multiple Levels
30 Jan 2009 Kevin Knight Sixty Years of Statistical Machine Translation
23 Jan 2009 Roger Levy (UCSD) Noise and memory in rational human language comprehension
17 Dec 2008 Liang Huang (UPenn => Google Research) Tree-based and Forest-based Translation
07 Nov 2008 Daniel Marcu The best/worst Speech Recognition, Language Modeling, and Machine Translation ideas
17 Oct 2008 Jens Voeckler Parsing XRS with(out) regular expressions
14 Oct 2008 Victoria Fossum + David Chiang Practice talks for AMTA/EMNLP
10 Oct 2008 Sujith Ravi + Steve DeNeefe Practice talks for AMTA/EMNLP
26 Sep 2008 Eugene Charniak (Brown University) EM Works for Pronoun-Anaphora Resolution
19 Sep 2008 Fei Sha (USC) Large margin based parameter estimation for hidden Markov models
22 Aug 2008 Amittai Axelrod (UW) Intern Final Talk: Structural constraints for efficient decoding.
22 Aug 2008 Catalin Tirnauca (Univ. Rovira i Virgili) Intern Final Talk: On the Consistency of Probabilistic Context-Free Grammars
20 Aug 2008 John DeNero (Berkeley) Intern Final Talk: Minimum Risk Decoding over Forests
20 Aug 2008 Kyle Gorman (Penn) Intern Final Talk: The Entropy of English given French
18 Jul 2008 Sujith Ravi Deciphering Ciphers Optimally Using Only Minimal Knowledge of the Source Language
11 Jul 2008 Jonathan May Thesis Proposal Practice Talk: A Weighted Tree Transducer Toolkit for Syntactic Natural Language Processing Models
13 Jun 2008 Ellen Riloff Effective Information Extraction with Relevant Regions and Semantic Affinity Patterns
06 Jun 2008 Tom Murray (USC) Knowledge as a Constraint on Uncertainty for Unsupervised Classification
30 May 2008 Steve DeNeefe BLEU Sway Issues: one way to get statistical significance, two ways to get a better score, and three ways to thwart them
16 May 2008 David Newman (UCI) Theory and Applications of Topic Modeling
09 May 2008 John DeNero (Berkeley) Inference in phrase alignment models
02 May 2008 Zornitsa Kozareva Semantic Class Learning from the Web with Hyponym Pattern Linkage Graphs
25 Apr 2008 David Chiang Tutorial: Randomized data structures for large statistical NLP models
18 Apr 2008 Rahul Bhagat Learning Paraphrases from Text
11 Apr 2008 Jonathan May Syntactic Re-Alignment Models for Machine Translation
04 Apr 2008 Ulf Hermjakob Name Translation in Statistical Machine Translation: Learning When to Transliterate
25 Mar 2008 Jason Riesa Tutorial on Arabic Orthography
18 Jan 2008 Victoria Fossum Using Syntax to Improve Word Alignment Precision for Syntactic Machine Translation
11 Jan 2008 Kevin Knight How to Make EM Do What You Want
14 Dec 2007 Marieke van Erp MITCH: Mining for Information in Texts from the Cultural Heritage
02 Nov 2007 Bill Rounds (Michigan and Stanford) Constructions, Constraints, Transducers, and TAGs: A unifying view through Feature Logic
19 Oct 2007 Slav Petrov (Berkeley) Learning and Inference for Hierarchically Split PCFGs
17 Oct 2007 Jon Patrick (Univ. of Sydney) Enhancement Technologies for ICU Information Systems
12 Oct 2007 David Talbot (Edinburgh) Scalable Language Modeling: Breaking the Curse of Dimensionality
05 Oct 2007 Sujith Ravi Will this parser work with my data? - Predicting Parser Accuracy without Gold-Standard information
29 Aug 2007 Carmen Heger (Dresden)
Michael Bloodgood (Delaware)
Summer Intern Presentations: Composition of Tree Transducers AND Using the Perceptron Algorithm to Tune Large Numbers of Feature Weights for Syntax-Based Statistical Machine Translation
24 Aug 2007 Wei Ho (Princeton)
Jennifer Gillenwater (Rice)
Summer Intern Presentations: Noisy Language Models AND Context for Syntax-Based Translation Rules
16 Aug 2007 Anoop Sarkar (Simon Fraser) Extensions of Regular Tree Grammars and their relation to Tree Adjoining Grammars
15 Jun 2007 Donghui Feng Extracting Data Records from Unstructured Biomedical Full Text
15 Jun 2007 Alex Fraser Getting the structure right for word alignment: LEAF
08 Jun 2007 Liang-Chih Yu (Cheng Kung U) Topic Analysis for Psychiatric Document Retrieval (Practice Talk for ACL)
08 Jun 2007 Jonathan May Bisimulation Minimisation for Weighted Tree Automata
01 Jun 2007 Jingbo Zhu Active Learning for Word Sense Disambiguation with Methods for Addressing the Class Imbalance Problem
01 Jun 2007 Andrew S. Gordon Generalizing Semantic Role Annotations Across Syntactically Similar Verbs
25 May 2007 Wei Wang (Language Weaver) Binarizing Syntax Trees to Improve Syntax-Based Machine Translation Accuracy
18 May 2007 Feng Pan Computing Semantic Similarity between Skill Statements for Approximate Matching
11 May 2007 Steve DeNeefe What Can Syntax-based MT Learn from Phrase-based MT?
04 May 2007 Sheelagh Carpendale (Calgary) Information Visualization and Collaboration
20 Apr 2007 Christopher Collins (Toronto) Information Visualization to Support Computational Linguistics
30 Mar 2007 Ido Dagan (Bar-Ilan U) Textual entailment as a framework for applied semantics
23 Mar 2007 Hermann Helbig (U at Hagen, Germany) Multilayered Extended Semantic Networks as a Knowledge Representation Paradigm and Interlingua for Meaning Representation
09 Mar 2007 Kevin Knight The Voynich Manuscript
26 Jan 2007 Gerald Penn (Toronto) The Quantitative Study of Writing Systems
12 Jan 2007 Kevin Knight Capturing Natural Language Transformations
05 Jan 2007 Beata Klebanov (Hebrew U) Experimental and Computational Investigation of Lexical Cohesion in Texts
15 Dec 2006 Jerry Hobbs When Will Computers Understand Shakespeare?
14 Dec 2006 Liang Huang (Penn) Faster Decoding with Synchronous Grammars and n-gram Language Models
27 Nov 2006 Mark Hopkins (Potsdam) Towards the Effective Exploitation of Syntax in Machine Translation
17 Nov 2006 David DeVault (Rutgers) Scorekeeping in an Uncertain Language Game
03 Nov 2006 Jens-Soenke Voeckler perl part 2 - advanced magick
23 Oct 2006 Jens-Soenke Voeckler perl - how to use it, not abuse it
29 Sep 2006 Ashish Venugopal (CMU) Delayed LM Intersection and Left-to-Right N-Best Extraction for Syntax-Based MT
22 Sep 2006 Eduard Hovy Toward a 'Science' of Annotation: Experiences from OntoNotes
25 Aug 2006 Victoria Fossum (Michigan) Improving Precision of Word Alignments Using GHKM Syntax-Based Rule Extraction
25 Aug 2006 Jason Riesa Minimally Supervised Morphological Segmentation with Applications to Machine Translation
23 Aug 2006 Oana-Diana Postolache Towards combining Searn and Syntax-Based Machine Translation (SBMT)
23 Aug 2006 Joseph Turian (NYU) Speeding-up Syntax-based Decoding
18 Aug 2006 Chenhai Xi Name Entity Transliteration Discovery from Large Bilingual Comparable Corpora
11 Aug 2006 Idan Szpektor (Bar-Ilan U) Textual Entailment: Framework, Learning and Applications
04 Aug 2006 Shou-de Lin Ph.D. defense practice talk
28 Jul 2006 Qin Iris Wang (Alberta) Improved Large Margin Dependency Parsing via Local Constraints and Laplacian Regularization
11 Jul 2006 Dragos Munteanu + Joseph Turian Practice Talks for ACL
30 Jun 2006 David Chiang and Kevin Knight Synchronous Grammars and Tree Transducers
23 Jun 2006 Joseph Turian (NYU) Discriminative Training for Large-Scale NLP
26 May 2006 Radu Soricut and Hal Daume III Defense Practice Talks: Generation and Learning
24 May 2006 Hal Daume III Beyond EM: Bayesian Techniques for Human Language Technology Researchers
19 May 2006 Patrick Pantel Espresso: Making Use of Generic Patterns for Mining Relations from Small and Large Corpora
12 May 2006 Nick Mote and Donghui Feng Pedagogical Contextualization of Language Learner Speech Errors AND Learning to Detect Conversation Focus of Threaded Discussions
05 May 2006 Namhee Kwon Recognizing Argument Structures in Texts
28 Apr 2006 Feng Pan Learning Event Durations from Event Descriptions
21 Apr 2006 Soo-Min Kim Identifying and Analyzing Judgment Opinions
14 Apr 2006 Radu Soricut Natural Language Generation for Text-to-Text Applications using an Information-Slim Representation
24 Mar 2006 Dragos Munteanu Automatic creation of parallel corpora
17 Mar 2006 Jonathan May Tiburon: A Finite State Tree Automata Toolkit
10 Mar 2006 Mark Hopkins Exploring the Potential of Intractable Parsers
03 Mar 2006 Liang Huang (Penn) Syntax-Directed Translation with Extended Domain of Locality
24 Feb 2006 Hal Daume III Search-based Structured Prediction
10 Feb 2006 David Chiang Parsing Arabic Dialects
03 Feb 2006 Alex Fraser Measuring Word Alignment Quality for Statistical Machine Translation
27 Jan 2006 John Conroy Multi-Document Summary Space:What do People Agree is Important?
26 Jan 2006 Tim Chklovski GrainPile: Deriving Quantitative Overviews of Free Text Assessments on the Web
16 Dec 2005 Jonathan May A Better N-Best List - Practical Determinization of Weighted Finite Tree Automata
30 Sep 2005 David Chiang Some Computational Complexity Results for Synchronous Context-Free Grammars
29 Sep 2005 Tim Chklovski Previews of my talks for K-CAP
26 Aug 2005 Fossum, Huang and Zhang Summer Student Presentations
24 Aug 2005 Hopkins, Riesa, and Nakov Summer Student Presentations
05 Aug 2005 Jan Hajic (Charles U) The Family of Prague Dependency Treebanks
05 Aug 2005 Doug Oard (Maryland) The CLEF Cross-Language Speech Retrieval Test Collection
15 Jul 2005 Victoria Li Fossum (Michigan) Inducing POS Taggers by Projecting from Multiple Source Languages
07 Jul 2005 Radu Soricut Natural Language Generation for Text-to-Text Applications Using an Information-Slim Representation
06 Jul 2005 Alessandro Moschitti (Rome) Kernel Methods for Semantic Role Labeling
23 Jun 2005 Michael Fleischman (MIT) Intentional Context in Situated Language Learning
22 Jun 2005 Hal Daume III Beyond EM: Bayesian Techniques for NLP Researchers
22 Jun 2005 Mitsunori Matsushita Lumisight Table: A Face-to-face Collaboration Support System That Optimizes Direction of Projected Information to Each Stakeholder
20 Jun 2005 Birte Loenneker (Hamburg) Between Story Generation and Natural Language Generation
17 Jun 2005 Gully Burns The neuroscience laboratory as a knowledge factory: challenges, approaches and tools
13 Jun 2005 Hal Daume III Search, Learning and Features (my thesis proposal proposal)
10 Jun 2005 Liang Huang (Penn) Better k-best Parsing, Hypergraphs and Dynamic Programming
08 Jun 2005 Hao Zhang (Rochester) Lexicalization and A* Searching for Inversion Transduction Grammar
27 May 2005 Radu Soricut Towards Developing Generation Algorithms for Text-to-Text
13 May 2005 Ed Stabler (UCLA) Natural Logic
22 Apr 2005 Deepak Ravichandran Working with Large Corpus, High speed clustering and its applications
08 Apr 2005 Jamie Callan (CMU) Search Engines for HLT Applications
25 Mar 2005 Dagen Wang Metalinguistic feature study for spontaneous speech in human computer interaction
18 Mar 2005 Ed Hovy Methodologies of ontology content construction
18 Feb 2005 Inderjeet Mani (Georgetown) TBA
14 Feb 2005 Tim Chklovski Collecting Broad-Coverage Knowledge Bases from Volunteers
11 Feb 2005 Hae-Chang Rim Unsupervised Word Sense Disambiguation Using Wordnet Relatives
28 Jan 2005 Yutaka Sasaki (ATR) Research Activities in Speech Translation at ATR/QA as Question-Biased Term Extraction
17 Dec 2004 Nicola Ueffing Word-Level Confidence Measures for SMT
10 Dec 2004 Nick Mote Developing a Language Model for Second Language Learner Speech
19 Nov 2004 Chin-Yew Lin After TIDES, What's Left? - Finding Basic Elements
15 Nov 2004 Thiago Pardo Unsupervised learning of verb argument structures
12 Nov 2004 Dragomir Radev Words, links, and patterns: novel representations for Web-scale text mining
05 Nov 2004 Mary Wood (Manchester) A Human-Computer Collaborative Approach to Computer Aided Assessment
22 Oct 2004 Jerry Hobbs Like Now: Two Explorations in Deep Lexical Semantics
24 Sep 2004 Hal Daume III Domain Adaptation in Maximum Extropy Models
17 Sep 2004 Various About Syntax Fest 2004 (Part II)
10 Sep 2004 Various About Syntax Fest 2004 (Part I)
16 Aug 2004 Patrick Pantel & Tim Chklovski VerbOcean: Mining the Web for Fine-Grained Semantic Verb Relations
13 Aug 2004 Deepak Ravichandran Randomized algorithms and its application to NLP
09 Aug 2004 Justin Busch, Hai Huang, Jens Stephan & Chen-kang Yang CL Student Presentations
06 Aug 2004 Hae-Chang Rim Information Retrieval using Word Senses: Root Sense Tagging Approach
16 Jul 2004 Hal Daume III and Radu Soricut Practice Talks for ACL (+workshops)
09 Jul 2004 Kevin Knight Survey of Trees and Grammars
02 Jul 2004 Hal Daume III A Phrase-Based HMM Approach to Document/Abstract Alignment
25 Jun 2004 Dan Gildea Syntactic Supervision and Tree-Based Alignment
21 Jun 2004 Emil Ettelaie Speech-to-Speech Translation: A Phrase Classification Approach
17 Jun 2004 Marcello Federico Statistical Machine Translation at ITC-irst
24 May 2004 Philipp Koehn Challenges in Statistical Machine Translation
21 May 2004 Tom Murray and Rahul Bhagat Statistical Learning for Dialogue System and A Community of Words
30 Apr 2004 Liang Zhou Automating the Building of Summarization Systems
28 Apr 2004 Dragos Muntanu, Radu Soricut and Hal Daume III Practice Talks for HLT/NAACL
23 Apr 2004 Hal Daume III A Tree-Position Kernel for Document Compression
16 Apr 2004 Rada Mihalcea (UNT) Graph-based Ranking Algorithms for Language Processing
13 Apr 2004 Jill Burstein (ETS) Automated Essay Evaluation: From NLP research through deployment as a business
09 Apr 2004 Eduard Hovy Three (and a half?) Trends: The Future of NLP
02 Apr 2004 Stephan Vogel The CMU Statistical Machine Translation System
26 Mar 2004 Shlomo Argamon On Writing, Our Selves: Explorations in Stylistic Text Categorization
25 Mar 2004 Jon Patrick (U. of Sydney) ScamSeek: Capturing Financial Scams at the Coalface by Language Technology
12 Mar 2004 Deepak Ravichandran About My Thesis Proposal
20 Feb 2004 Hal Daume III Some Results in Automatic Evaluation for Summarization and MT
06 Feb 2004 Mark Hopkins What's in a Translation Rule?
30 Jan 2004 Paul Kingsbury (Penn) PropBank: the next stage of Treebank and
Inducing a Chronology of the Pali Canon
16 Jan 2004 John Prager (IBM) Using Constraints to Improve Question-Answering Accuracy
19 Dec 2003 Robert Krovetz (Ask Jeeves) More than One Sense Per Discourse
25 Nov 2003 Hang Li (MSR Beijing) Using Bilingual Data to Mine and Rank Translations
17 Nov 2003 Dr. Kato and Dr. Fukomoto (NTCIR) An Overview of the QA Challenge + NTCIR -- The Way Ahead
27 Oct 2003 Christopher Manning (Stanford) Natural Language Parsing: Graphs, the A* Algorithm, and Modularity
17 Oct 2003 Hovy, Marcu, Knight, Byrd, Narayanan, Traum, Gordon Introduction to CL Research
10 Oct 2003 Philipp Koehn Advances in Statistical MT: Phrases, Noun Phrases and Beyond
03 Oct 2003 Anton Leuski A Year in Paradise