A weekly meeting of the Natural Language Group. Seminars usually take place on Thursdays from 11:00am until 12:00pm.

For scheduling a talk scheduling, contact the current organizer Justin Cho and Jon May by emailing to nlg-seminar-host(at)isi.edu.

Visitor Information

Virtual visit: Meeting hosts only admit guests that they know to the Zoom meeting. Hence, you're highly encouraged to use your USC account to sign into Zoom. If you're an outside visitor, please inform us at (nlg-seminar-host(at)isi.edu.) beforehand so we'll be aware of your attendance and let you in.

In-person visit: Outside visitors should go to the tenth floor lobby where they will be met and escorted to the appropriate location 5 minutes before the talk. For further directions on how to get to ISI, please click here.

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Date Speaker Title

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Click on the titles to view the abstracts/time/location/online meeting link:

Date Speaker Title
November 30, 2023 Kawin Ethayarajh Machine Learning with Human Fault-Tolerance
November 16, 2023 Michael Saxon Cultural Knowledge and Cultural Biases: Analyzing the Multilingual Performance of Text-to-Image Models
November 9, 2023 Alexander Wan Manipulating Large Language Model Predictions Through Data
November 2, 2023 Wenting Zhao What We Learned from 570K ChatGPT Interaction Logs In The Wild
October 26, 2023 Kaitlyn Zhou Design Criteria for Human-Centered Natural Language Generation
October 19, 2023 Weiyan Shi Interactive AI Systems Specialized in Social Influence
October 5, 2023 Shunyu Yao On formulating and evaluating language agents
August 31, 2023 Mitch Mithun Phishing Emails, Improvised Explosive Devices and Quantum: A Natural Language Understanding Perspective
April 20, 2023 Suchin Gururangan Modular Language Models
April 13, 2023 Waleed Ammar Drinking From The Firehose of Science
March 30, 2023 Ruiqi Zhong Getting AI to Do Things I Can't
March 23, 2023 Mina Lee Designing and Evaluating Language Models for Human Interaction
March 9, 2023 Marjan Ghazvininejad Enhancing Machine Translation with Large Language Models via Optimizing In-Context Examples and Dictionary-Based Prompting
February 2, 2023 Jason Wei Scaling unlocks emergent abilities in language models
January 12, 2023 Arjun Subramonian Bias and Power in NLP