Computational Systems and Technology

A-OPPS STP-H4/5 Experiment

ISI Continues International Space Station Sensor-Systems Project

ISI’s research into radiation-tolerant spacecraft sensor systems has received additional support from NASA for testing on the International Space Station. The Autonomous On-board Processing for Sensor Systems (A-OPSS) project, led by Matthew French, employs radiation hardening by software (RHBSW) techniques, which mitigate radiation-induced faults in system-on-a-chip computing architectures.

Under the award, RHBSW techniques will be ported to a system-on-a-chip (Xilinx Virtex5 PowerPC440) and uploaded to NASA GSFC’s SpaceCube computing system, which will used to conduct space-environment experiments.

Laboratory and radiation beam testing have shown that A-OPSS completely eliminates system hangs and increases mean time between data corruption by 4.2 times (or one event in 8.7 years.) A-OPSS simultaneously performs 3.3 times more processing than conventional radiation-hardened processors. The experiment will increase A-OPSS’s Technology Readiness Level to 7 from 6, helping keep the US at the leading edge of space science and exploration.