Artificial Intelligence

AID Leadership

Aram  Galstyan
Pedro Szekely, Ph.D.

Director of the Artificial Intelligence Division at USC's Information Sciences Institute
Principal Scientist, USC/ISI
Research Director, Center on Knowledge Graphs
Research Associate Professor, USC Viterbi School of Engineering

Aram  Galstyan
Aram Galstyan, Ph.D.

Research Director for ISI’s Data Science and Machine Learning group and a research Associate Professor in the USC Viterbi School of Engineering's Computer Science Department.

Yolanda  Gil
Yolanda Gil, Ph.D.

Director for Major Strategic AI and Data Science Initiatives, USC/ISI
Research Professor of Computer Science and of Spatial Sciences, USC
Director of the Data Science Program, USC/CS
Director of the Center for Knowledge-Powered Interdisciplinary Data Science, USC