Artificial Intelligence

ISD Sweeps 2013 GSS Awards

On Novemeber 11th, USC Information Sciences Institute (ISI) held another successful Graduate Student Symposium (GSS). Begun in 2006 in ISI’s Intelligent Systems Division as a forum for graduate students to present their work to peers and receive early feedback, the GSS gradually expanded beyond artificial intelligence to include all other divisions. This year research was presented also by students in Computer Networks, Security, and Computational Systems. This year’s program also featured invited talks from academia and industry, giving students a perspective on post-graduation career options.


The GSS culminated in an awards ceremony, and was followed by a happy hour sponsored by Google.

Awards were given for the best paper, presentation and poster.

Best paper: Suradej Intagorn, “Accurately Geolocating Tweets”
Runner up paper: Qing Dou, “Dependency--‐Based Decipherment for Resource--‐Limited Machine Translation”

Best Presentation: Farshad Kooti, “Friendship Paradox Redux: Your Friends Are More Interesting Than You”
Presentation runner up: Anas Al Majali. “A Systems Approach to Analyzing Cyber--‐Physical Threats in the Smart Grid”

Best poster ISD: Jeon-Hyung Kang, “Scalable Mining of Social Data using Stochastic Gradient Fisher Scoring”
Best poster Networks: Simon Woo, “Life--‐Experience Passwords for Authentication”
Best poster Computational Systems: Weiwei Chen, “Balanced Task Clustering in Scientific Workflows”