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SuperBot goes to Space in DARPA's newly released video

SuperBot is going to space in DARPA's newly released video for PHOENIX program.

SuperBot is a self-reconfigurable and modular robotic system designed and built at USC/ISI's Polymorphic Robotics Lab. Recently, DARPA has started a new research program called Phoenix and the idea is to start a sort of on-orbit recycling program, where robotic spacecraft are sent out to harvest valuable parts (like antennas) from otherwise derelict satellites, and then give them a new life by attaching new minisats to the old hardware. SuperBot is selected as a basic design for Phoenix's next generation hyper dexterous arm/manipulators. In the following picture and video, please take a close look the third arm that holds the light. That arm is designed based on SuperBot modules. Also, in one of the small windows during the video, USC's SuperBot modules are also featured.