Artificial Intelligence

Welcome to our 2016 Summer Intern and visitors

Nada Aldarrab

Nada Aldarrab is a graduate student at USC, working on her thesis under the supervision of Prof. Kevin Knight. She is currently working on the decipherment of historical documents (joint project with Uppsala University, Sweden). Her research interests include natural language processing, machine learning, decipherment and machine translation. 

Sebastian Mielke

Sebastian Mielke is a computer science masters student from Germany. He is interested in natural languages (the more unusual the better) and machine learning (getting caught in the deep learning hype). In 2015 he received his Bachelor degree (working with formal languages) at the TU Dresden, Germany and completed a six-week internship at an Indian university, where he worked on dependency parser evaluation on a newly constructed Indian treebank. This year, he is excited to work on low-resource machine translation at ISI. When he has the time, he loves to play the piano and walk around outside.

Angeliki Lazaridou

Angeliki Lazaridou is a final year PhD student at the Center for Mind/Brain Sciences of the University of Trento. She received her MSc from the Saarland University, where she worked with on Bayesian models for sentiment and discourse. She is currently working at the intersection between language and vision under the supervision of Marco Baroni. This summer, she is visiting IS to work with Dr. Knight and Dr. Marcu on storytelling.

Xiang Li

Xiang Li is a 2016 summer intern under the supervision of Prof Kevin Knight and Prof Daniel Marcu. Xiang is also a PhD student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in Andrew McCallum’s research group. She got her B.S at the East China Normal University, Shanghai, China and got her M.S at the University of Chicago. Xiang’s research interest mainly focused on natural language processing and machine learning. She did knowledge base completion project at Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago with Prof. Kevin Gimpel before and there is an AMR project going on now. In her free time, she enjoys swimming and dancing to keep fit! Xiang is also a big fan of cooking and photography.

Ke Tran

Ke Tran is a third year PhD candidate at University of Amsterdam, advised by Christof Monz and Arianna Bisazza. His research interests focus on natural language processing and machine learning. This summer he is working with Professors Daniel Marcu and Kevin Knight on research pertaining to the Lodee project. He likes reading and traveling solo. Each year, Ke travels to at least one new country. Occasionally he practices Aikido and Tango.











Wesley Van Pelt - I’m here with USC’s SURE program working for Dr. Knoblock on Karma for the summer.  I am also a mentor for USC’s SHINE program.

Kevin Foster - I am assisting Dr. Knoblock's team with the development of a web crawler.  Specifically, I am working with Atishay Jain on increasing the functionality of a common web crawler to enhance its abilities and allow it to access more areas on the web.  

Atishay Jain - I am working with Professor Knoblock to get a crawler module working to integrate into Karma. The module will enable automatic retrieval of HTML pages from a site up to a given depth.













Alyssa Deng - Interning under Professor Yolanda Gil this summer. She is learning OWL and helping with the revision of the assignments that uses ontologies for a data science course.

Catherine Wang - "I’m a senior at Troy High School, and I am working as a summer intern under Dr. Yolanda Gil. I am helping to develop argumentation structures to organize the discussion boards in the Zooniverse citizen science project. Our goal is to make it easier to grasp the content of discussions to see if they can yield useful information to researchers.”

Jason Jewik - "I am interning with Dr. Yolanda Gil to work on improving the visualization and interactivity of data. I will be collaborating with other interns to work on the WINGS workflow system and how to improve the user experience through graphical user interfaces. "