Artificial Intelligence

Students & Interns

Students are vital to ISI’s Intelligent Systems Division. As part of USC, our mission includes educating and providing hands-on research training to undergraduate, masters’ degree and Ph.D. students. As a research unit, we enjoy the energy, enthusiasm and new ideas that students often contribute. We’re proud of the career trajectories of our numerous alumni. And some of our researchers are former students whose achievements make us delighted to have them on board.

ISD offers education at a level far richer than on-campus study and research alone can provide. For example, students have been pivotal to our award-winning systems.

Real-World Education

In practice, you’ll work directly with one or more ISI researchers in a collaborative, team-oriented environment. You may choose to complete your Ph.D. dissertation under the guidance of a USC Viterbi School Research Faculty member at ISI. You also may be able to move beyond pure research, and to help develop viable prototypes -- from robots to systems that evaluate students’ educational achievements.

We employ graduate research assistants on paid stipends and summer interns on specific, paid projects. ISD also hosts students funded from other sources, such as fellowships.

Our Natural Language Group has a particularly prestigious summer intern program. Graduate and undergraduate students work with ongoing research projects in natural language processing, machine learning, statistical modeling, machine translation, automata and other areas.  The paid internships require good programming skills, but no prior natural language processing experience.  

For more information, please see the ISI site.