Artificial Intelligence

Visiting Researchers


Gerald Hiebel, Visiting Scholar

Gerald is visiting the Information Integration Group of ISI to develop a model of co-referencing places in the context of cultural heritage data but not limited to that domain. The expertise of the Group and in particular  my supervisor Pedro Szekely in semantic technologies and information integration processes using KARMA is a key competence necessary for the one year project.

Gerald is a visiting researcher who acquired a PhD degree in Geoinformation sciences at the University of Innsbruck, Austria working on a multidisciplinary project investigating the mining history of Tirol. After his degree he worked for 2 years at FORTH, Heraklion, Greece on the integration of the CIDOC CRM ontology for cultural heritage with GeoSPARQL, an ontology to represent geospatial information. The result was a linking ontology called CRMgeo, an extension to the CIDOC CRM. His main research interest are the integration and modelling of geospatial data using semantic technologies and ontologies.


Qiang Li 

Qiang Li is a PhD candidate in Computer Science at Northeastern University, China. His major is natural language processing and machine translation. Qiang is a J1 visitor to ISI, under supervisor Prof. Kevin Knight. He likes badminton and swimming.


Jing Qiu, Visiting Researcher

Jing Qiu is a visiting researcher from School of Information Science and Engineering, Hebei University of Science and Technology. Currently, she is working with Prof. Knoblock and Prof. Szekely in Information Integration Group. Jing’s main interests are Information Extraction and Ontology Learning. She will work in the area of Non-taxonomy Relation Extraction in Ontology Learning during her one year stay at the ISI and participate in several of ongoing projects.


Hanbing Yao

Hanbing is a visiting researcher from School of Computer Science and Technology, Wuhan University of Technology, China. He acquired a PhD degree in computer sciences at Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Currently, Hanbing's main interests are web data mining, text sentiment analysis, information retrieval etc. He will join the Information Integration Group for one year and participate in ongoing projects under the mentoring of Prof. Craig Knoblock and Prof. Pedro Szekely. He will work in the domain of semantic modeling and information extraction during his one year stay at ISI.