The Space Engineering Research Center (SERC) is dedicated to disruptive space engineering, research and education for the second-generation workforce – including hands-on build, test and flight demonstrations of spacecraft and satellites. SERC seeks to challenge traditional methods of space R&D, manufacturing and exploration with approaches that dramatically reduce costs, enable novel capabilities and support vital creation of space to space services and interactions. Located at ISI, the premier Institute at USC, projects include exploration of information technology and sciences applied to the space domain.

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Aymeric Coron, Masters Student French Air and Space Force Academy, 2023

(Working at SERC) was a great experience that allowed me to use my previous knowledge for the active development of technological solutions.

Samuel Feldman, USC Astronautical Engineering Graduate 2023, Northrop Grumman

I credit the experience I gained working on SERC Floatbots for landing me a job at Northrop Grumman doing research on spacecraft navigation systems.

David Bernacchia, USC Masters Student in 2020, PhD student at University of Bologna

As a foreign visiting student, my experience at SERC had been incredibly valuable. {...} SERC offered to me the very first opportunity I have ever had to perform hands-on activities on very high-level projects, working directly on the development and first-phase realization of a new prototype.