SERC offers a variety of ways to get involved in hands on space focused projects.   These include but may not be limited to

  • course credit (through on campus directed research) or 291/491 courses
  • volunteer work as a student researcher on an exsiting project
  • paid internships and activities on existing sponsored projects (as available).

We also offer our lab for senior design projects for undergraduate/graduate students enrolled at USC (as available each semester). Project work is available in a variety of areas and discplines, some of which require students to be US Citizens or Permanent Residents (on a project to project basis).

For those wishing to join please know some of our labs are located in the Marina del Rey campus, not on the main campus and requires you to travel by daily/hourly shuttle or other transportation to and from main campus.  We also request a minimum time committment per week to maximize work inputs and outputs for you and SERC activities.

Several Images of Engineers at Work

To be considered to join our team please fill out the form located in the following GoogleDoc link:

SERC Application Form

For students we recommend that you talk to your advisor about your specific situation ato make sure you can make the time committment or course credits.  For ASTE the student advisor is

  • Luis Saballos, Student liaison, Astronautics Department


SERC welcomes experienced engineers who have been responsible for a satellite subsystem or an entire satellite. Our engineers design and build our own subsystems and systems often under tight constraints, while simultaneously teaching students critical tradecraft suitable for existing industry standards. The work isn’t easy, but our staff and alumni find it highly rewarding. At SERC, you’re more than an engineer. You’re a mentor, teacher and friend in an environment with real meaning, not just another job.

We welcome applications for all subsystems year-round. Current skill areas we are looking for include:

  • Electronic systems with RTOS
  • Systems engineering on large and small projects
  • RF communications encoding and protocols (eg. AX25, BPSK, etc).
  • Data analysis and integration of physics and non-physics information
  • GNC Algorithm development

For more information, contact David Barnhart, director.

Engineerins Working on Project
Job Title

Software Engineer

Job Description

Experience in RTOS and C, C++ coding related to Space flight projects.

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Job Title

Avionics Engineer

Job Description

Experience in various assemblies of electronics related to ground and space flight platforms.

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