An Aegis team member testing the Hololens2
An Aegis team member testing the Hololens2


The SERC supports a number of student lead and externally sponsored projects.  This page lists them based on year of the project.


As part of the Artemis program, NASA is exploring new ways to utilize augmented reality in spacesuit design including developing capabilities allowing greater human autonomy on the lunar surface. The NASA SUITS challenge tackles some of the toughest aspects of lunar exploration by improving information flow to and from the crew members.

NASA SUITS is a software design challenge for undergraduate and graduate students across the United States to develop information displays using head mounted augmented reality devices, which superimpose digital information over a real environment to assist astronauts conducting spacewalks during NASA’s Artemis missions, which will land the first woman and first person of color on the Moon.  Upon successful testing of software designs at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, each proposed user interface display has the potential to aid astronauts in lunar exploration for the Artemis program.

We are a team of multidisciplinary students from the University of Southern California and University of Arizona collaborating to develop next generation space technologies. We are designing a machine learning-supplemented augmented reality software that will display information as well as provide critical tools to assist astronauts during extravehicular activities on the lunar surface and beyond.

Team Leadership:

Project Lead: Evan Cooper Geology Leads: Zoe Wilbur & Patrick O’Brien
Project Co-lead: Darlene Villicana Terrain Sensing Leads: Isaac Ronald Ward & William Farhat
UI Lead: Spencer Lin Telemetry Leads: Akshita Swaminathan & Rohan Shukla
Systems Lead: Andres Artze Machine Learning Lead: Basem Ibrahim Mikhail Rizk
Navigation Leads: Sophia Aguilar & Jennifer Lee Outreach Leads: Ashley Modena, Stanley Lin, Elizabeth Lee & Trinity Gomez

Faculty Advisor:

  • Professor David Barnhart (USC)
  • Professor Jessica Barnes (UA)

Technical Advisor:

  • Dr. Garrett Reisman (USC)
  • Dr. Valerie Olson
  • Dr. Heather Culbertson

Honor Roll of Donators and Supporters

  • Greg and Ruth Aguilar
  • Amy Aguilar
  • Amy Aguilar
  • Mark Cooper
  • Dongzi Liu
  • Ronald Trust

Team Aegis members:

Talha Rafique Dongzhe Wei Christian Bryan Pavan Garidipuri
Andy Semin Park Brice Preston Brown Jorge Gonzalez Nawach Kuptimanus
Akmal Maksumov Kanika Jindal Anand Shah Yen Lin
Kasturi Khatun Aaron Shields Chandini Veliani Felix Chen
Abdulah Khan Surya Roshan Mugada Ethan Ma Han Yue Emerald Liu
Nimisha Mittal Yaxi Liu Miru Jun Kamel Gazzaz
Zhenghao Li Aman Mohandas Zhenghan Fang Joshua Lac
Jason Chen Yuiwei Xi Smit Kadvani Diya Pathak
Phuong Pham Ho Ko Mansi Kulhari Ann Tian Shao
Benran Zhang Anunay Rajesh Bagga Sofian Ghazali Ning Nie
Spencer Lin Stanley Yelnats