University of Southern California
Robert Lucas

Leads computing sciences research group that spans groundbreaking quantum computing, supercomputing, geographically distributed systems, wireless networking, and integrated circuit design.

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Wired: When & Where the Internet "Sleeps"

October 24, 2014 John Heidemann researches global patterns of Internet "sleep" Read More »

Shhh! The Internet Is Sleeping

October 22, 2014 USC ISI's John Heidemann maps the Internet's 'sleep' patterns across the globe Read More »

Neuroscientists Claim Rare Pair of Grants in Brain Research

October 15, 2014 $23 million in awards creates two Centers of Excellence and establishes USC as a hub for understanding the brain through data mining Read More »

Seminars & Events

Nikolaos Malandrakis (USC/SAIL)NL SeminarNL Seminar- "Generating Psycholinguistic Norms" 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Nima Pourdamghani (USC/ISI)NL SeminarNL Seminar- "Aligning English Strings with Abstract Meaning Representation Graphs"3:00pm - 4:00pm
Gully Burns (USC/ISI)NL SeminarNL Seminar- "Title TBA" 11/143:00pm - 4:00pm