University of Southern California
Jacqueline Chame

Works with compiler optimization, automation and analysis to help solve complex science, engineering and defense problems through novel supercomputing approaches.

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A Future Where Machines Are Knowledgeable Partners

January 28, 2015 At the Information Sciences Institute, Daniel Marcu and collaborators research artificial intelligence and natural language processing Read More »

IEEE Spectrum: Stopping Hardware Trojans

January 23, 2015 Michael Bajura's ISI team researches how to image chips to detect malicious circuits Read More »

PCMag: SuperBots in Space

January 22, 2015 Wei-Min Shen discusses his research on reconfigurable robots and future uses in space Read More »

Seminars & Events

Derrek Hibar (USC / Keck)NL SeminarNL Seminar: "Neuroimaging Genetics in the ENIGMA Consortium" 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Jerry Hobbs and Suzanne WertheimAI SeminarAI Seminar: Title TBA 2/13 11:00am - 12:00pm
Dogan Can (USC/SAIL)NL SeminarNL Seminar- "Title TBA" 2/13/153:00pm - 4:00pm