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Recently Added Publications

Fight Club: Maturing Defense in Depth Obfuscation TechniquesV. V. Menon, U. Sharma, S. Roshanisefat, S. S. Shukla, A. Schmidt, M. C. French, P. A. Beerel, and P. Nuzzo

Design and Performance Evaluation of Multispectral Sensing Algorithms on CPU, GPU, and FPGAV. V. Menon, S. Siddiqui, S. Rao, A. Schmidt, M. French, V. Chirayath, and A. Li

Dimensions of commonsense knowledgeF. Ilievski, A. Oltramari, K. Ma, B. Zhang, D. L. McGuinness, and P. Szekely

MUSCLE: Strengthening Semi-Supervised Learning Via Concurrent Unsupervised Learning Using Mutual Information MaximizationH. Xie, M. E. Hussein, A. Galstyan, and W. Abd-almageed

Logic Obfuscation: Modeling Attack ResiliencyMenon, G. Kolhe, J. Fifty, A. Schmidt, J. Monson, M. C. French, Y. Hu, P. A. Beerel, and P. Nuzzo