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Gleb Satyukov, admin

Senior Research Engineer I


BSc Lifestyle Informatics, VU Amsterdam
MSc Media Technology, Leiden University


Gleb is working with the MINDS Research Group of the ISI's AI division as a full-time senior research engineer. His academic background is primarily in computational linguistics and media technology, and human computer interaction. Covering both back-end and front-end development, his professional expertise ranges from complex user experience and interaction design to architecture of distributed systems at scale.

Here at ISI, Gleb's main responsibilities include design, development and maintenance of online infrastructures used to facilitate ongoing research projects. His work includes building complex user-interfaces and diagnostic tools that assist researchers with the analysis and interpretation of large-scale data. In addition to that, he is recruiting and supervising graduate students that are working in the AI division as well as teaching the "DSCI510 - Principles of Programming for Data Science" course in the Data Science graduate program at USC.