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John Wroclawski

Senior Director for Strategic Initiatives


John Wroclawski, ISI’s senior director for strategic initiatives, works with leaders and researchers across the institute to create a diverse research portfolio and develop new, boundary-spanning initiatives to advance the Institute’s strategic vision.

Prior to this appointment, he served for 12 years as the director of ISI’s Internet and Networked Systems initiatives, leading pioneering research in such areas as internet protocols and architecture, the security of complex networked systems, sensor nets, experimental networking research methodologies and space systems networking.

Wroclawski earned his BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and subsequently held research positions for almost two decades in MIT’s Laboratory for Computer Science (now CSAIL) and the Program on Internet and Telecommunications Convergence.

He specializes in the architecture of large decentralized systems such as the internet, systems aspects of networked computing and core principles of self-organizing systems, in addition to the policy and economic implications of internet technical structure and real-world use.