ISI Directory

Peter Zamar, Bachelor of Arts in Theater and Television

Administrative Assistant II


University of Southern California-BA
Cal State Northridge- Human Resources Mgmt. Certification


Pete Zamar was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. As a teenager he was the ball boy for the NBA Champion Chicago Bulls. After completing his four year degree and graduating with honors from USC, he worked in the entertainment business for Universal Studios-Post Production Department and at Disney Studios as a Human Resources representative. After coming to USC/ISI he has supported the Medical Information Systems and Artificial Intelligence divisions. In addition, Pete was elected as a member of USC's Staff Assembly. He has made contributions to promote the growth and welfare of staff employees by serving on the following committees: Transportation, Staff Scholarship and Employee Appreciation Week. Mr. Zamar lives in the San Fernando Valley with his wife, Marisol and their daughter, Samantha. In addition to his work at USC/ISI, Pete is a volunteer for a non-profit scholarship organization which helps high school students pursue their dreams of attending college.