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Zihao He

Research Assistant


Zihao is a third-year PhD student in computer science at University of Southern California (USC). He is generally interested in Natural Language Processing, Computational Social Science, and Graph Representational Learning. Specifically, his research aims to study how polarization forms between two groups, such as the liberals and the conservatives, by investigating their use of languages, in order to better prevent harmful conversary from escalating. Apart from that, he is also interested in studying people’s stances towards different issues, which can be solved by stance detection. Zihao’s research has been published in top-tier conferences such as EMNLP and WWW. Before joining USC, Zihao received his bachelor’s degree in Engineering in 2018 from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications in 2018. He was an intern at Amazon (2021 & 2020), DiDi Chuxing (2019).