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Zizhao Hu, Ph.D


M.S., Computer Science, University of Southern California
B.S., Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology


I’m a first year PhD student in Computer Science at USC, and I’m affilicated to USC ISI MINDS (Machine Intelligence and Data Science) group. I’ve finished my graduate study in Computer Science at USC and worked in USC iLab. I’ve finished my undergraduate study in Physics at Georgia Tech. I also spent time working with the Agile Systems Lab and Photonics Research Group at Georgia Tech.

Research Summary

I am working on developing new machine learning models/algorithms that have potentials to pave the way for Artificial General Intelligence. My research interests include continual learning, lifelong learning, few-shot learning, transfer learning, and multimodal learning. Join us to push the research for AGI, which has the potential to solve Aging, Cancer, Safe Fusion Energy, and ANY System\Structure\Art Design problems.