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Artificial Intelligence Seminar

Diffusion, Probability, and the Age of Creative AI

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Denoising diffusion models have spurred significant gains in density modeling and image generation, precipitating an industrial revolution in text-guided AI art generation.  I’ll give a high level overview of developments in the field before discussing a new information-theoretic foundation for diffusion models which provides an exact equivalence between probability and optimal denoising. This insight leads to several improvements over traditional diffusion models including improved density estimation, interpretability through information decomposition, and faster sampling. 


Speaker Bio

Greg Ver Steeg recently started as an associate professor in CS at the University of California Riverside, after many wonderful years working at ISI. His research incorporates ideas from physics and information theory in machine learning in order to understand complex systems like human behavior and biology.

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Host: Jay Pujara, POC: Pete Zamar