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Quantum Computing and Shor’s Algorithm

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Quantum computing offers the potential for enormous speedups over classical computing for some problems that are currently considered intractable. But obtaining speedups is not simply a matter of running classical algorithms on a quantum computer. The basic elements and techniques of quantum algorithms are different. One important problem, integer factorization, would run spectacularly faster on a quantum computer using Shor’s algorithm. In fact, a scaled-up quantum computer running Shor’s algorithm would instantly break almost all current encryption methods that provide internet security. This talk will cover the basics of quantum computation and describe Shor’s algorithm. A specific focus will be on the algorithmic techniques and quantum properties that enable the algorithm to succeed.

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Hosted by: John Habif
POC: Ellen Neacy

Speaker Bio

Scott Miller is a Research Team Leader and Supervising Computer Scientist at USC’s Information Sciences Institute and is a co-director of ISI’s Center for Vision Image Speech and Text Analytics (VISTA). His three decades of research experience span disciplines of machine learning, human language technologies, and forecasting. Miller has served as a Principal Investigator for numerous IARPA and DARPA efforts. His previous roles include founding Translingual Technologies, a Massachusetts-based startup that created novel machine translation technologies; serving as Chief Scientist at Basis Technology Corporation; and leading teams in Information Extraction, Machine Translation, Information Retrieval, and Forecasting as a Senior Technical Director at BBN.