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Artificial Intelligence Seminar

AI Seminar: Staring into the Abyss and Eating Glass

Event Details

Speaker: Rajiv Maheswaran
Conference Room Location: MDR 1135/1137

Friday, April 26, 2024 from 11am – 12pm

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Meeting ID: 997 3658 7279
Passcode: 277354

Hosted by: Craig Knoblock
POC: Tricia Olmedo

Rajiv spent a decade as faculty at USC and then a decade building a startup.  He will briefly outline the path that took him from one to the other and answer questions about the adventures and misadventures and the similarities and differences in the journeys.

Speaker Bio

Rajiv Maheswaran was the CEO and Co-Founder of Second Spectrum, a startup that used computer vision and machine learning to automate next-generation data collection and real-time video augmentation in sports, creating software for teams, leagues and media. Second Spectrum clients have spanned the top leagues in sports including the NBA (where all teams are clients), NFL, English Premier League and top media partners such as Amazon (winning an Emmy for NFL Prime Vision), CBS (winning an Emmy for RomoVision), ESPN (NBA Marvel Arena of Heroes), and NBC (Premier League DataCast). Prior to Second Spectrum, Rajiv was a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Southern California’s Department of Computer Science and Project Leader at the Information Sciences Institute where he and Second Spectrum COO / Co-Founder Yu-Han Chang co-directed the Computational Behavior Group. Rajiv has written over 100 publications in artificial intelligence, control theory, data visualization, decision theory and game theory. Rajiv and Yu-Han received the USC Viterbi School of Engineering Use-Inspired Research Award, and they are the only two-time winners of the Alpha Award for Best Research Paper at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. Rajiv received a B.S. degree in Applied Mathematics, Engineering and Physics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and received M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.