“AI is also the reinvention of communication”

by Nina Moothedath


Adam Russell, AI/nthropologist and Director of the AI Division at the USC Information Sciences Institute (ISI), is on a journey to help build a better world with AI. He interviews the ISI humans behind AI to understand what motivates them, how they shape AI today, and where they hope AI will go.

Alexander Spangher, a Research Assistant at ISI, discusses how his work in journalism informs his work in AI. He shares one of his favorite books and the qualities that make its author one of his heroes. He explains the challenge of “news deserts” and how his work determining what makes a story newsworthy aims to help address it. He discusses how working on a boat and the physical systems within helps ground him in the literal. He explores why some preferential datasets can be the root of ethical problems in AI models. Listen to his episode of AI/nsiders below.

See the transcript here.

Published on March 27th, 2024

Last updated on March 27th, 2024

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