ISI now conducts basic and applied research across an exceptionally wide range of information processing, computer and communications technologies. Our primary areas of focus are intelligent systems, internet and networked systems, informatics, computational systems and technology, and advanced electronics.

Within those parameters, research spans cybersecurity “research on research” and operation of the highly regarded DETER testbed; world-class natural language approaches; a groundbreaking quantum computing initiative; grid computing for healthcare applications; and novel post-CMOS integrated circuit approaches, among many other areas.

ISI continues evolving to support our public- and private-sector customers’ needs, but our core purpose remains the same: performing groundbreaking research. We bridge gaps between basic and applied research, between university academic research and real-world prototype development, and between our academic, industrial and professional mandates.

After 50 years of genuinely groundbreaking R&D, we look forward to continuing to solve challenging, relevant information issues – including those not yet fully imaginable.